The Difference Between Push Notifications and SMS Text Messages

15 Oct

What is the difference between push notifications and SMS text messages? As an industry-leading text marketing provider, it's a question that we get all the time.

Fortunately, we've helped thousands of customers like you achieve SMS text marketing success. We know that SMS might not be the best fit for everyone. Likewise, we know that push notifications might not suit your needs either.

In this article, we'll explore the key differences between push notifications and SMS text messages so that you can better understand which one fits best for your enterprise, business, nonprofit, or organization.

5 Differences Between Push Notifications and SMS Text Messages

Before we begin, the question must be asked – what is an SMS text message? Let's start with a quick introduction to SMS text messages.

In short, an SMS text message allows users to send text messages up to 160 characters in length. Many businesses and organizations use SMS to send reminders, offer codes, special sales discounts, and more. For many businesses and organizations, there is no better way to interact with prospects and customers.

A push notification is a brief message or alert that is "pushed" through an application to recipients who have downloaded that application. The application does not have to be open in order to receive the notification.

With that, let's take a look at a few differences between push notifications and SMS.

1. Receipt

To receive an SMS, recipients must text a specific phrase to a specific number. When a customer texts in this phrase, he or she has officially opted in to the business' text marketing campaigns and promotions. In mass text messaging, this is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to building a high-value text marketing list.

To receive a push notification, recipients only need to download an application, click a button, and allow for the push notification to be sent.

2. Delivery

An SMS text message is delivered straight to users' inboxes. Recipients don't need to download any special application in order to access these messages. Additionally, recipients can access these messages at any time.

With push notifications, messages are delivered to the recipient's desktop or mobile device, regardless of whether he or she has the application open. In some cases, depending on the volume of push notifications that the recipient receives, push notifications may be missed or ignored.

3. Visibility

When recipients receive an SMS text message, they will usually see the text message right from the phone's lock screen or in their text inbox. Additionally, recent data indicates that most text messages are opened within the first few minutes of receipt!

Again, depending on the volume of push notifications, these messages may be missed or ignored. Moreover, once the push notification has been viewed, recipients can no longer go back and reference the message.


4. Content

An SMS text message allows users to send messages up to 160 characters in length. Additionally, users can easily insert hyperlinks and more. An SMS campaign is ideal for any type of industry, including retail, faith-based, food and hospitality, fitness, nonprofits, real estate, and more.

Usually, a push notification can only be a sentence or two in length.

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