Top Retail Texting Trends for 2018 You Can Use Right Now

22 Dec
Using text marketing may already feel like “the final frontier,” but are you taking advantage of all it has to offer? We’ve put together this short list of top retail texting trends for 2018, along with some tips to help you start using them now. Why not be one of the first to get in the game and get a jump on your competition?


Creating personalized messages for email is old news, but have you thought about personalizing your text messages and offers? EZ Texting lets you automatically insert contact names, even when you’re sending to thousands of people at once. Personalization can also mean creating segmented lists and offers for unique groups of customers. For example, you can create lists of customers that opted in using a specific keyword such as “EZDISCOUNTS.” You can also tag customers based on their purchases or preferences. Create a list of subscribers that have purchased kids clothes, for example, and then send them coupons for your back-to-school promotion.

One-On-One Chat

As useful as bulk text messaging is, you also need to speak to your customers one-on-one. Increasingly, customers prefer to have these conversations via text. EZ Texting created the EZ Chat service to make these conversations simple for you to have within your EZ Texting account. EZ Texting can text-enable your landline for you or help you purchase a new one to use. From there, when a customer texts you a question, you can type the answer back to them from your EZ Texting account.

Texts with Pictures and Videos

Sometimes a 160 character text message can’t make the same impact that an image or video can. In these cases, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is the best option. MMS messages let you attach a picture or GIF to the message to make sure it really pops. MMS messages can contain up to 500kb of data. With these kinds of messages you can let creativity be your guide. Consider sending coupons, maps, or promotional videos – whatever will help your customer take the next step. EZ Texting also provides free downloadable templates with holiday greetings, which you can easily use to send to your contacts. You can send MMS messages with any paid EZ Texting subscription.

As you plan for the year to come, what is your texting strategy? Have you thought about how you can take your marketing to the next level and use the top retail texting trends for 2018 to your benefit? There’s no reason to wait – the next new thing is already at your fingertips.

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