How to Transfer Your Mobile Marketing Program to EZ Texting

How to Transfer Your Mobile Marketing Program to EZ Texting


You already know that mobile marketing trends have taken a front seat in the race for customer engagement and brand development. You’ve taken the first step: implementing a mobile text marketing program into your current overall marketing strategy. But perhaps you’re ready to move your mobile advertising strategy to the next level; perhaps it’s time to transfer your existing SMS marketing service to a more robust text marketing company. EZ Texting’s mobile SMS Marketing platform has emerged as one of the leading, most dynamic and affordable mass SMS companies in the world, and transferring service to EZ Texting takes only a few simple steps.

Some providers will try to convince you that it’s illegal to change SMS service providers without getting all of your customers to opt back in. But this is false and simply a ploy to keep their customers. According to the Mobile Marketing Association’s best practices guidelines, as enforced by the CTIA: “A subscriber to a recurring program may be transferred to a new short code without a new opt-in, as long as the content and purpose of the alerts remain the same as what the subscriber opted-in to receive and the content provider has not changed.”

Here’s a few things to consider if you’re thinking about transferring service:

  • Ease of Use: How user friendly is your current service provider? EZ Texting’s DIY SMS marketing platform was designed for both savvy mobile marketers and brand new business owners to be able to quickly and easily upload and deliver their text marketing messages…all on their own or with the help of a live agent.
  • Features and Advanced Capabilities: Does your current provider offer ways of integrating with your current systems? EZ Texting’s SMS API was developed in order to integrate any standard or custom CRM system, email marketing platform, or backend web site architecture with advanced text marketing capabilities, so our clients experience an incredibly seamless and streamlined customer engagement solution.
  • Pricing: How affordable is your current SMS marketing service? Starting at just 2.5 cts per text sent, EZ Texting offers the most advanced abilities and elite customer service, all at the lowest prices in the mobile marketing industry.
  • Coverage: Does your current provider cover all regions and offer a variety of short codes that make sense for your campaigns? EZ Texting provides coverage in every area around the globe. Plus, we have extensive experience provisioning short codes and can help you choose the right short code for your business or industry.
  • Customer Service: Unable to get a hold of your current provider as easily as you’d prefer? At EZ Texting, we pride ourselves on elite customer service. We’re always available to troubleshoot your issues, to help set up campaigns, or for general problems and questions. Luckily, however, with our robust system, customer care calls are usually focused on developing great marketing strategies rather than fixing problems with the SMS server.

So…ready to kick your SMS campaign up a notch? You can GET STRATED in just a few easy steps!

  1. Create Your Account: Fill out a few simple questions to CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  2. Upload Your Contacts: Import your list of opted-in contacts.
  3. Choose Your Keyword: Set up a Keyword and web-widgets to help you grow your list of contacts
  4. Select Your Pricing: Choose the best pricing option for you.
  5. Start Sending and Growing Your List!: You’re ready to go. Come up with a creative offer or message and click SEND. Once again, give customers a way to opt-out if they wish to stop receiving messages. Giving customers the opportunity to opt-out in every text sent may seem like a losing proposition. But in fact, it’s best for everyone involved. Customers can stop receiving messages that they’re not interested in, diminishing their aggravation with annoying superfluous texts. And companies can optimize their marketing lists, targeting only consumers who actually want to receive their messages. This not only makes for higher conversion rates but also enhanced ROI, since the company won’t be wasting money on texts to customers who will never purchase.

If you’re ready to boost your SMS marketing efforts, contact EZ Texting today. We’ll have you up and running in no time!

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