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9 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Implement Today

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December 2, 2021
EZ Texting
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In a crowded market, how do you make your properties stand out from the rest?

If you do what everybody else does, your results will be average, prospects will lose interest, and your clients will wonder why they chose you. Your prospects and clients need to see that you're a creative problem-solver, and that starts with your marketing mix, including real estate SMS strategies.

Use these unique real estate marketing ideas that ordinary listing agents aren't using, and you'll get extraordinary results.



9 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Every Listing Agent Should Know About

Think there's no room for innovation in an industry as mature as real estate? Think again. Here are nine unique real estate marketing ideas only a few realtors are using that are turning heads.


Hold an Open House Party

Open houses have been a real estate marketing staple for decades (if not longer). So how do you add some pizazz to freshen up this old idea? Innovative agents are holding open house parties to create a more fun and festive atmosphere.

Why do open house parties work? Home buyers need to see themselves living in the home, and, since they'll be hosting parties of their own there, they'll see what hosting a party feels like when they walk into that atmosphere. Arrange for lots of refreshments, do a little decorating, park a food truck out front, and don't forget some music.

For more great open house tips, check out this post from The Close.

Open house


Market on NextDoor

Did you know that the private, local social network Nextdoor is in 90% of all neighborhoods in the US? In fact, they're now in over 200,000 neighborhoods in five countries. But, since it's private, most agents don't see the constant activity on NextDoor and realize the opportunity to promote their listings there. NextDoor offers several marketing options for real estate agents.


Create Content on Neighborhood Restaurants and Entertainment

People love to research specific neighborhoods and consume content about things to do in the areas they live in or would like to explore. However, there's often a void in content offerings centered around particular communities. You can fill that void by producing content on the restaurants, bars, parks, events, and activities in the neighborhoods that you have listings in and are familiar with — the bonus is that you get to be the expert in that area and become a natural choice for the neighborhood's listings. Distribute your videos and write-ups on social media for immediate consumption, but also be sure to put them on YouTube or post them on a blog, Tumblr, etc. to get picked up by search engines so that when someone is Googling for information about a neighborhood, your content can surface.


Provide a Sneak Peek Via Text Message

Sample Text Message

When shoppers drive by a home they like from the outside, they might try to find interior pictures on their phone through searches, but that's a difficult process. Smart realtors are offering a "sneak peek" of the interior of the home by text message. When the potential buyer texts a keyword to the realtor's short code, they instantly receive several interior pictures via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) message. All you have to do is reserve a keyword with a text messaging service like EZ Texting's, set up the autoresponder with the images, and add a call-to-action to your yard signs with a message like "Text '100MAIN' to get interior pics of this property instantly."

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Host Neighborhood Tours

Buyers often want to find a home in a certain neighborhood or school district. By hosting a tour of neighborhoods in your area, you gain visibility in the neighborhood in the eyes of prospects and make new contacts with potential sellers. Once a month or so, give a tour of several neighborhoods on foot or by car (rent a van if necessary) offering useful information on home valuations, neighborhood amenities, HOA details, local history, Walk Scores, etc.


Video a Day in the Life of Your Agency

Behind-the-scenes video is almost irresistible. The rise of reality TV has shown that we love to see what goes on in the lives of people who do interesting things. Consider hiring a videographer to film a day in the life of your agency. Pick a day when a lot is going on in the office and out and about. Show what each member of your team does and how it benefits your clients. Make sure to include interaction with some of your best clients as well. You can see some good examples of "A Day in the Life" videos here


Put a Local Quiz on Your Website

Do you know how and when your city got its name? Can you guess which intersection in your town is busiest? Who are the most famous people who grew up in your area? Local trivia is interesting, and it can also be fun if you turn it into a quiz with a score. You can even make a more real estate-focused quiz by developing a "Which (City) Neighborhood Should You Live In?" quiz such as this one for Atlanta. Ask your web administrator if it's possible to set up a quiz on your website.


Host Free Seminars for Homebuyers

Homebuyer seminars have produced lots of leads for agents who cater to first-time buyers. There are a lot of unknowns for first-time buyers, and those unknowns create apprehension. You can ease their worries by answering questions like:

  • How do I make an offer?
  • How much house can I afford?
  • What type of loan is right for me?
  • What is the local market like right now?

Make sure to say up front that you won't be selling your services and stick to that promise. Of course, as you show your expertise, potential clients will begin to trust you and seek you as their agent. For some must-read tips on hosting home buyer seminars, check out this PDF from the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council.


Celebrate Homebuyer Anniversaries

Sample Text Message

When you sell a home, you have information and a marketing opportunity no one else has. Purchasing a home is a landmark day in the lives of your clients, and it should be celebrated for years to come. Keep a list of your close dates and follow up with your clients each year to wish them a happy home anniversary. You could offer a gift or simply remind them of the date. When you do, they'll remember the great experience they had with you.

Text message marketing platforms make this task super easy because you can schedule these messages to go out ahead of time. So, just set aside a little time at the beginning of each year and schedule your home anniversary texts to go out on the appropriate date for each client.

Develop a Real Estate Marketing Playbook

Put some of these nine unique real estate marketing ideas into practice for your agency, and you'll be sure to get the attention of your market. Your prospects and clients will see your creativity, get to know you better, and wonder why other agents aren't doing the same thing.

As you implement some new real estate marketing tactics, it's a good idea to develop your own playbook of campaigns which produce results, so that you can come back and use them again and again.

We've been helping agents market their services for over a decade through real estate text marketing. To get realtors off to a fast start, we've produced our own playbook of 15 text messages which have worked really well in the real estate market. You can access this free resource right now. In our Real Estate Text Message Marketing Playbook, you'll get ideas for campaigns such as:

  • The Sneak Peek
  • Promote Open Houses
  • New Listing Alerts
  • Home Maintenance Tips
  • Home Sale Anniversaries
  • Agency Coordination
  • Review Requests
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