Upsurge in Mobile Commerce Predicted for the Holidays

11 Nov
Mobile advertising solutions are expected to pay dividends this Christmas, as businesses latch on to the benefits of mobile commerce. New data from Hipcricket shows that 53% of shoppers plan to spend more money through their smartphone or tablet in 2013 than in 2012.

The survey also showed that 59% of smartphone users made at least one purchase on their device. The conclusion drawn was that mobile devices are expected to contribute to this season's holiday commerce as a driver of sakes and as a shopping research tool. The report also found that:
  • 41% said they will spend between $1 and $99 via a mobile device this year
  • 23% said they will spend between $100 and $249
 via a mobile device this year
  • 25% said they have made between two and four mobile purchases in the past six months

  • 83% said they intend to research products using a mobile device
  • 75% say they will be reading product reviews on a mobile device

The reasons for this upsurge in mobile commerce are obvious. Smartphone usage has grown massively over the past few years, and shoppers point to the ease-of-transaction offered by devices, and the security of having an e-trail for every part of the purchase. The recent upsurge in complementary technology, from geo fencing to mobile apps, is helping the mobile advertising industry through a considerable boom. The handheld device is clearly the future of commerce, from product launch via mobile advertising to point of sale and beyond.

Of course, it works more effectively for some businesses than others. Different industries are affected in different ways, with books, music, video and concert tickets picking up the bulk of business generated through mobile devices. Consumer electronics and health and beauty are also benefitting from the smartphone boom.

What is clear for all businesses is the fact that mobile commerce is a legitimate, leading source of business - and a future proof one at that. Mobile commerce engages the customer directly, at a personal level, and can direct them straight towards an easy-to-use payment platform. Along the way, consumers can look at user reviews, company background – anything that might help them make a decision. Get your mobile commerce solutions up and running before December, and you can reap the same benefits as everyone else...

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