Use Text Marketing to Make This Memorial Day Memorable

How to leverage text marketing this Memorial Day.
Use Text Marketing to Make This Memorial Day Memorable

The official start to summer, Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and while our new normal may mean this year’s tan will be a few shades lighter, people everywhere are anxious to celebrate the season.

If your industry is one that sees a lift at the start of summer – retail, restaurants, and fitness providers, or even government offices (especially this year) that see an increase in people searching for park, beach, and pool information – Memorial Day is the perfect time for your business to use text marketing.

With a 98% engagement rate there is no easier and more effective way to notify your customers and constituents to everything from operating hours and safety procedures to holiday sales and specials.

Regardless of industry, mobile marketing can help you get in front of your audience wherever they are. Here’s how businesses and organizations can use texting to make this summer sizzle:

How Retailers Can Use Text Marketing

Whether breaking out the shorts or dusting off those “honey-do” lists, higher temps mean people will be turning to retailers for their summer projects and wardrobes. 

Your Plan of Action:

  • Promote holiday sales on social media and send text coupons or veteran discounts direct to customers.
  • Use MMS picture messaging to engage your audience and stand out among competitors — check out our ready-to-send images! Read our retailers guide to text marketing promotions.
  • Enable your business landline to receive texts with text-to-landline service and use 1-on-1 Chat to answer customer questions anytime, anywhere. 

How Fitness Providers Can Use Text Marketing

Even if it’s just at the neighborhood pool, beach body buffs are on the lookout for the best way to stay in shape. And with the kids at home, families will be searching for ways to get up and be active.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Use 1-on-1 Chat to answer questions about workout routines or facility hours.
  • Create recurring texts with fitness and wellness tips and inspirational, uplifting quotes.
  • Compose an email or blog post with links to trusted equipment and online retailers and follow it up with a text.

Learn more about how fitness operators can use text marketing.

How Restaurants Can Use Text Marketing

Every good celebration needs good food to get things going. Whether working the grill or dishing out sno-cones, this change in season will have people craving comfort foods that scream “Summer.”

Your Plan of Action:

  • Post updated operating hours and safety procedures, such as daily cleaning schedules and availability of curbside drop-off and pick-up delivery. Follow it up with a text to make sure it’s been seen.
  • Follow up with a survey to see how locations are performing and uncover any room for improvement.
  • Put seasonal recipes on your website and share on social media, via email, and with a text.

See our complete guide to text marketing for restaurants.

How Government Offices Can Use Text Marketing

It’s important to celebrate safely this Memorial Day, and as the authority on parks and beaches local governments need to be able to quickly circulate information pertinent to people’s party plans.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Send an email featuring updated community policies as they develop, such as changes to park and pool hours, or safety tips for backyard BBQs. Follow it up with a text message to be sure they’ve seen it.
  • Set up custom Keywords for various groups, like Veteran Affairs or Public Safety, so that citizens can opt in to get targeted updates relevant to veteran services or celebrations.

See how Gilbert, Arizona is using text marketing to keep their community safe.

While this year may be a little different, let’s not forget what the holiday is all about. Memorial Day is a great opportunity to support our military communities. In addition to honoring veterans, this is a great way to tell your customers and constituents that you care for their safety and appreciate their business.

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