Effective Memorial Day Marketing Campaigns That Honor Our Communities

Memorial Day
April 8, 2022
Christine Defranco
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Memorial Day weekend, the official start to summer, is just around the corner and with many COVID restrictions being lifted, businesses are once again welcoming customers inside their doors. Finally, a return to a more normal, pre-pandemic Memorial Day celebration is becoming a reality!

If your industry is one that benefits from this lift in restrictions at the start of summer, then Memorial Day is the perfect time for your business to use marketing campaigns devoted to this meaningful holiday to boost business and engagement.

Speaking of engagement, adding text marketing to your existing Memorial Day marketing efforts will ensure you reach everyone on your contact list.  With a 98% engagement rate there is no easier or more effective way to notify your customers and constituents about everything from operating hours and safety procedures, to special events and sales.


engagement rate of text marketing

Regardless of the industry you’re in, text marketing can help you get in front of your audience wherever they are, and more than likely they are with their cellphone. Check out a few of the ways businesses and organizations can use text marketing to ensure their audience is in the know about Memorial Day offer and events and beyond:

How Retailers Can Use Text Marketing

As Memorial Day approaches, higher temps mean people will be turning to retailers for their summer DIY projects, wardrobes, fitness accessories, and sporting goods, just to name a few. Be ready with a Memorial Day marketing campaign to remain top-of-mind.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Promote Memorial Day sales by sending text coupons and veteran discounts direct to customers and promote these text-only coupons through any of the other marketing channels you employ, whether it be social media, by word of mouth, or email. 
  • Offer VIP loyalty memberships to further engage with customers—especially as Google is planning to disband third-party cookies. Loyalty programs will soon be one of the best ways to nurture relationships with devoted shoppers.
  • Use MMS picture messaging to engage your audience and stand out among competitors—check out our ready-to-send images! Read our retailer’s guide to text marketing promotions for additional inspiration.

How Fitness Providers & Gyms Can Use Text Marketing

With Memorial Day right around the corner, so are warmer months and more mindfulness about being active and fit enough to take advantage of the nicer weather. Gyms have opened back up, but many have new rules that members need to be aware of and be willing to adhere to in order to ensure the safety of all members. Then there are the fitness devotees who are on the lookout for the best way to stay in shape, and those interested in learning how to get back in shape after being less active over the past couple of years. This all amounts to the need and opportunity to engage with members pre-Memorial Day and all summer long. 

Your Plan of Action:

  • Use 1-on-1 Chat (aka Two-Way SMS or Chat) to answer questions about new or relaxed COVID -related policies, facility hours updates, and new classes.
  • Create recurring texts with fitness and wellness tips and inspirational, uplifting quotes.
  • Develop an email newsletter or blog post that includes links to trusted resources with the fitness community and follow up with a text.

Learn more about how fitness operators can use text marketing.

How Restaurants Can Use Text Marketing

Bringing folks together, whether it is to honor fallen veterans on Memorial Day or to simply celebrate being able to come together after the pandemic has made us appreciate what it means to be apart—needs good food to get things going. Whether working the grill or dishing out sno-cones, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and this change in season will have people craving comfort foods that scream “Summer.”

Your Plan of Action:

  • Share updated summer operating hours, safety procedures, and availability of curbside pick-up or delivery options across email, social, and signage. Then, follow up with a text to make sure every customer is in the loop.
  • Text surveys to loyal diners to find out things like their menu preferences and in-house dining comfort requirements. Offer them special treats (i.e., a free dessert) through your VIP Rewards Programs for their patronage and input. 
  • Post seasonal recipes on your website and share on social media, via email, and with a text. As a new menu is being created, send out teaser MMS texts with mouthwatering photos to get customers excited about special dishes. 

See our complete guide to text marketing for restaurants.

How Government Offices Can Use Text Marketing

As COVID restrictions continue to ease and evolve, it’s important for government agencies and offices to be able to communicate with the public on a daily basis. As Memorial Day approaches and folks start to make their summer plans, government agencies, who are responsible for public parks and beaches, need to be able to quickly circulate information pertinent to the public’s plans for Memorial Day and all summer long. One way the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a government agency, can  best honor fallen veterans this Memorial Day is to fully support and communicate with todays’ veterans. 

Your Plan of Action:

  • Send an email featuring updated community policies as they develop, such as changes to park and pool hours, or safety tips for backyard BBQs. Follow it up with a text message to be sure the message reaches everyone.
  • Set up custom Keywords for various groups, like “Public Parks” or “Public Safety,” so that citizens can opt in to get targeted updates relevant to their interests.

See how Gilbert, Arizona has used text marketing to keep their community safe.

As we all look forward to coming together this Memorial Day, let’s not forget what the holiday is all about. Memorial Day is a great opportunity to support our military communities. In addition to honoring fallen veterans, it is also a great time to show your customers and constituents that you care about their safety, their family, and appreciate their business.



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