Using Text-to-Landline and 1-to-1 Chat for Lead Generation

Text-enable your landline for improved lead generation and customer acquistion.
Using Text-to-Landline and 1-to-1 Chat for Lead Generation

If your business has a landline and you aren’t using a text-to-landline solution to interact with your customers, you need to be. Why? Because it’s likely your customers are already sending you texts — but you may not be set up to receive them.

Texting makes it faster and easier for customers to connect directly with your business. You’ll be able to respond immediately to customer service requests and sales inquiries, day or night, at your convenience. When you have a text-enabled landline, customers can reach your business at their convenience as well, not just during business hours.

And if you’re worried that perhaps they may not want to receive a text from your business, consider the following numbers:

  • 90% of consumers say they would prefer businesses to text them, rather than call.
  • 85% of consumers want to initiate conversations with businesses via text message.
  • 77% of consumers have a positive perception of a company that offers texting.

The truth is that many people rarely want to call a business anymore and would much rather text for answers to many questions. Providing that option with a text-to-landline service can increase your customer loyalty.

Here’s a quick look at how it works.

First, Text-Enable Your Landline to Receive Text Messages

Instead of customer text messages sent to your landline disappearing into the void, a text-enabled number will send those messages directly to your inbox where you’ll be able to respond immediately and directly to that customer using 1-to-1 Chat.

Then Respond to Customer Texts Quickly and Efficiently Using 1-to-1 Chat

A two-way messaging feature allows you to send and receive texts online using your text-enabled existing business phone number. Responding quickly will ensure potential new customers don't drift off to another provider and will improve overall customer satisfaction.

The video below breaks down how it works:

The biggest takeaway here should be that you might be missing out on some high-value business by not having a text-enabled landline.  Ready to fix that problem and bring in new business? Sign up for Text-to-Landline service today!

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