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3 Ways SMS Helps Auto Dealerships Connect with Leads That Aren’t Responding

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December 2, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Text messaging can help you find you find your lane in the $985 billion automotive industry by helping your business connect with buyers better than ever via push notifications, 1-on-1 conversational messaging, and text blasts alerting customers to new vehicles, special promotions, and deals.


open rate, with most texts read within minutes (or even seconds)


of emails opened


Reach Leads Through a New Channel To Restart the Sales Process

Sample MMS Message

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting the same result.

When efforts to reach contacts via emails, phone calls, and voicemails have all stalled, it’s time to try something new. Particularly because SMS and MMS text messaging for dealerships is the quickest, most efficient way to deliver messages — and have them open, read, and acted upon. This is thanks to texting’s inherent push notification system, which alerts recipients to incoming messages.

Texting is proven to have a 98% open rate, with most texts read within minutes (or even seconds) of receipt. How does email compare? It’s not even close with a mere 18% of emails ever opened. Certainly, most of them are left unattended in inboxes, forgotten, or swiftly moved to the trash without even a look.

Instead, depend on text messaging to rev up the sales process — Quicker engagement prompts faster results.


Gauge Interest via SMS Texting

The best way to stage successful marketing campaigns? Know what’s working… and what isn’t. Informed with this knowledge, you can use it to fuel future campaigns. Thanks to trackable links, you can quickly understand which messages are getting read and generating the most engagement.

Sample Text Message

Discontinue any that aren’t giving you much return… or revise the messaging or maybe turn a text-only SMS message into an MMS photo or video message.


Promote Major Holiday Sales to Boost Foot Traffic

There’s nothing like a massive sale to heat up leads who’ve grown cold. Many drivers go car shopping in the weeks before big holiday sales, knowing that they are going to wait for the prices to get slashed.

Sample Text Message

Come New Year’s, Labor Day, July 4, Black Friday, President’s Day, and Christmas and Hanukkah — discounts are plentiful and dealers are primed to move cars off the lots.

Drivers also have a little extra time on their hands with a three day weekend so they can be more easily tempted to take that test drive before taking advantage of the special offers and incentives.

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