’s Innovative Mobile Ads Are Growing Faster Than Google’s Mobile Numbers:

03 Dec
“If you look at Google’s recent mobile numbers, they reported 28 percent revenue growth. We’re growing faster than that,” reports Curt Hecht, chief global revenue officer at during an interview with AdWeek. The reason? has moved beyond commonplace mobile advertising banners, which can be too small to take sufficient effect for advertisers, and have instead incorporated branded backgrounds into the Weather app. In other words, Weather’s advertisers have their brand placed in the entire background of the app interface. This mobile advertising strategy has shown great effect and negates the notion that mobile marketing has been primarily “apps advertising other apps.”

The branded backgrounds aren’t just branded logos either; they’re custom ads in the context of weather and mobile, which make for a highly optimized mobile advertising tactic. “If you look at a media publisher,” says Hecht, “we crush anybody out there. This idea that mobile ads are hard to see ... we’re giving you the whole screen and it's six inches from your face. They’re not overly interruptive. And it’s creative married to context.” Such innovative thinking is yet another example of how early adopters to changing technology can get a head start on the rest of their competitors, and how mobile technologies continue to advance, making mobile marketing strategies essential to any digital marketing strategy.

Mobile technology is rapidly evolving. The most successful brands are developing new, engaging, and visually stimulating ways to connect with customers, ways that are specifically design for mobile devices. The more focused a brand becomes on the particular medium through which it is marketing, the more opportunity it has to optimize conversion rates and user experiences. Mobile advertising innovators, like those at Weather, are setting new mobile marketing trends. Who will be the next trend-setters? Start brainstorming… It could be you!

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