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What is the Best Enterprise Text Messaging Software?

What is the Best Enterprise Text Messaging Software?

Many businesses struggle to connect with prospects and customers. These prospects and customers are the backbone of any successful business or organization, and without their support, many entities struggle to unlock considerable profits. Today, the savviest organizations unleash a bit of innovation when it comes to customer interaction. The most successful enterprises leverage the power of text message marketing to incite deeper and more meaningful communications with consumers.

However, there are hundreds of text message marketing providers. Each promises to deliver the very best features and functions. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which enterprise text messaging software is right for your organization?

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What is the Best Enterprise Text Messaging Software?

With a more intimate understanding of best-in-class text messaging software solutions, you will be well-equipped to select a provider that aligns with your organization's unique goals and objectives. If you really want to drive meaningful results for your business, select a provide that abides by the following characteristics:


The best enterprise text messaging software scales with your business. Select a software solution that markets itself as one-size-fits-all. Ideally, the software isn't too complex that small businesses can't manage it. Moreover, the software shouldn't be too lightweight that large enterprises can't find any value. From small shops to billion-dollar organizations, purpose-built text message marketing solutions work for any-sized business or organization.

To determine how scalable the software solution is, ask about the features and functions that both small businesses and enterprises find most valuable. Ask for a breakdown of the most common functions utilized by the provider's largest clients and smallest clients. How do these specific features meet or exceed the unique text message marketing requirements of each entity? Use these insights to determine the long-term viability of the text message marketing solution.

Superior Support

The most effective enterprise text messaging software is backed by a professional customer support team. These support representatives are well-equipped to guide you through each step of your text message marketing journey. The best part is, with a superior support team at your disposal, you don't have to be a text messaging expert! From setup to database management, customer support representatives will help you shoulder some the weight. Moreover, many support teams offer dedicated resource centers to help you navigate problems or issues on your own time.

Powerful Features and Functions

The best text messaging providers deliver powerful features and functionality including:

Keywords: Keywords make it easy for contacts to subscribe or respond to a text message marketing list. Keywords are a single word or short phrase that trigger a list subscription or other action within the text message marketing service.

Signup Forms: In short, signup forms are dynamic and customizable widgets placed on a website, email, or social media channel for fast, easy, and seamless signup.

Drip Campaigns: Automatically send a timed series of text messages to a group of contacts.

Picture Messaging: Send up to 500kb of data or enough for a 30-second audio or visual file.

Reminders: Send automated billing reminders, delivery confirmations, appointment reminders, and more.

Reporting Dashboard: Access a high-powered reporting dashboard to monitor text message delivery, contact tracking, message tracking, and more.

Proven Success

Finally, a best-in-class text message marketing provider has a proven track record of success. Before investing in an enterprise text message marketing solution, ask to see a few case studies. What types of businesses or brands does the provider work with? Moreover, how did the service provider help the business or brand unlock considerable growth? Ask the service provider how your business might replicate the same success that other clients achieved.

Find the Right Enterprise Text Messaging Software

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