What Is the Best Text-to-Landline Service in 2019?

What Is the Best Text-to-Landline Service in 2019?

Your customers are already texting your business, and it's time to join the conversation. More than 150 million mobile messages are sent daily to non-mobile numbers. Without a text-enabled business landline, those important messages — customer service requests, sales inquiries — are left unread.

When you choose to invest in a text-to-landline system, sending and receiving messages from your business phone number is a breeze. The best part is, partnering with a reputable text-to-landline provider means that you'll experience zero changes to your existing voice service. All you have to do is let customers know that your landline is text-enabled.

As an industry leader in business text messaging, we've helped thousands of enterprise organizations achieve text stardom. From system implementation to management, our team is always available to answer questions or concerns and point your business towards text-to-landline success. We might be a little biased when we say that we offer the best text-to-landline service, but we're absolutely ready to prove our worth to you and your business.

The Best Text-to-Landline Service in 2019: EZ Texting

In your search for an easy-to-use, proven, and results-driven text-to-landline provider, we recommend partnering with EZ Texting. We know that there are plenty of other text-to-landline businesses to choose from, but we promise that we'll deliver the greatest value to you, your business, and your customers.

1. Benefits of EZ Texting Text-to-Landline

The text message marketing statistics don't lie — 90% of all mobile users open and read text messages within the first three minutes of receipt. Additionally, 80% of users frequently rely on text messaging for business. You would be hard-pressed to find this kind of engagement, use, and volume from another marketing channel.

The most significant benefits of text-to-landline include:

Speed: Responding to prospects and customers is simple, quick, and easy. Additionally, customers can text you after business hours. The fact is, consumers enjoy the directness and ease-of-access that only text messaging can deliver.

Usability: Your customers don't have to wait for hours on hold. Additionally, you don't have to worry about listening to your voicemail and jotting down all the important details. A text-to-landline service is simple and easy to use.

Traceability: A text-enabled business landline will help you keep track of customer information, manage workflows, and more. Without a centralized communications channel like business texting, it's difficult to stay on top of customer messages and requests. This can cause huge legal and compliance issues.

If you're still feeling unsure, there are virtually thousands of use cases to business texting. Most businesses use text-to-landline to bring in new business, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, unify business messaging, and more.

2. Features of EZ Texting Text-to-Landline

The question is, what text-to-landline features contribute to the greatest amount of growth? Of course, our expert team is always available to help you and your business uncover the very best business texting features.

Here's a quick snapshot of our most popular features:

Stay Organized With a Single Inbox: We make it easy for teams to collaborate, manage workflows, and search conversations. This single source of truth makes it easy for teams to stay organized and on top of important customer messages.

Access Messages Anywhere: Send and receive text messages on any connected device. A text-enabled landline is ideal for on-the-go businesses.

Let Your Customers Do the Work for You: Receive inbound messages from ready-to-buy consumers. A text-enabled landline is a simple and effective way to get prospects and customers engaged.

Make Life Easier With Templates and Scheduling: Use templates to save time and advance scheduling to send messages at your convenience.

Is Text-to-Landline Right for Your Business?

We get it — investing in a text-to-landline service might feel a bit overwhelming. Is a text-enabled landline really worth the investment? Is it easy to get started? Is it easy to manage? We get asked these and other questions all the time.

As a recognized text message marketing provider, we are here to ease your concerns. We've helped more than 165,000 customers succeed with text marketing. Using our system doesn't require any special knowledge or know-how to start connecting with your contacts right away. Additionally, our textperts are here to guide you every step of the way. Is text-to-landline right for your business or organization?

"I love their ability to plug into our landline phone number so customers get used to texting and calling that number," says Scott C., Thumbtack.

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