What Is SMS Marketing? Using Text Marketing to Grow Revenue

What Is SMS Marketing? Using Text Marketing to Grow Revenue

What is SMS marketing?

It's one of the most powerful tools businesses use to create personalized and engaging digital communications with prospects and customers. Thousands of industry-leading businesses and organizations have already invested in SMS marketing and chances are if you haven't chosen a text message marketing platform for your business, your competitors are already a step ahead.

There are thousands of reasons to invest in text message marketing, but before you do, check out this quick introduction to SMS marketing. Use these key text messaging insights to quickly market and grow your business.

What is SMS marketing?

What is SMS Marketing? Everything You Need to Know About Business Text Messaging

SMS (Short Message Service) technology dates back to the 1980s, but don't let its age fool you — SMS is the most frequently used text format in the world. In fact, more than 200 thousand SMS messages are sent per second. That's about 7 trillion text messages per year! SMS messages support 160 alphanumeric characters. Most businesses and organizations use SMS to deploy sales promotions, emergency notifications, automated appointment reminders, personalized one-to-one communications, and more. There are hundreds of potential use cases for SMS!

If you're new to text messaging, CTIA is the most reliable source for text marketing best practices and compliance requirements. Remember, as an opt-in service, marketing contacts must sign-up for ongoing text communications. Additionally, CTIA recommends the following:

  • Make sure all calls-to-action are clear. Include opt-in and opt-out instructions. Many marketers include "Reply STOP to Opt-Out" in all text communications.
  • Make sure text recipients know who they're receiving communications from.
  • Send confirmation replies when users opt-in and out.

For additional SMS marketing regulations and best practices, check out the CTIA Short Code Monitoring Program Handbook.

Why SMS Marketing Works

Instant Communication: Recent data suggests that most text messages are opened within the first three minutes of receipt. Marketers appreciate the instantaneous communication that only text messaging can provide. Say goodbye to waiting for contacts to open your email or act on your latest social media post. Text message marketing inspires immediate action.

Preferred Marketing Channel: Did you know that SMS is a preferred communication channel among prospects and customers? In fact, among the 18-34- year-old age bracket, text is the preferred channel for business notifications including deliveries, promotions, and surveys.

Easy to Use: Most SMS marketing providers make it super easy to manage contacts, send text messages, and analyze results. And if you need some extra help, industry-leading providers are backed by powerful customer support teams.

Cost-Effective: SMS marketing is the most cost-effective digital marketing channel. Rather than spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on costly advertising, the savviest and most budget-conscious businesses and organizations are sending targeted and engaging text message marketing campaigns.

How EZ Texting Makes SMS Marketing Easy

Are you searching for an SMS marketing partner? EZ Texting has worked with thousands of industry-leading enterprises. EZ Texting can help you upload your contacts and launch your text marketing program in just five minutes. Here's how:

1. Advertise Your Keyword and Short Code: Sign up for EZ Texting and reserve your own keyword. We'll supply the short code. Share them with the world!

2. Send Promotions, Reminders, and Notifications: Send your first message in minutes. What kind of message will work best for your audience? Try sending a coupon, event notification, or reminder!

3. Watch Sales and Engagement Grow: With a 98% open rate, text message marketing can't be beaten. Texting is the communication tool of the future — don't get left behind!

Join the 210,000 customers that have used EZ Texting:

"We reach hundreds of customers to keep them informed on education opportunities, promotions, new product launches. EZ Texting works perfectly and we love their excellent customer service." Bob Cazet, Alumni Football USA

"We specifically use EZ Texting for employee communications, emergency notifications, weather alerts, reminders, etc. I would recommend EZ Texting for the cost-effectiveness and ease of use." Steve Brownlee, Professional Salon Concepts

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Join the 210,000 customers who have used SMS marketing to connect with their audiences.