What is a Text Marketing Keyword?

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December 22, 2017
EZ Texting
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Do you know the key to text marketing? Your keyword is critical to gathering interest for your text marketing campaign. What is a text marketing keyword, and how do you choose one for your next campaign? 

What is a Text Marketing Keyword?

When you create a text marketing campaign, you need to choose a keyword and a textable number. Your textable number is the number that people will text. The keyword is the name that they will text in order to opt into your campaign.

When you're creating a text marketing campaign, everything begins with that keyword. It's the way you get peoples' attention, encourage them to opt-in, and segment them into different lists. You can use different keywords to build new lists or campaigns over time. 


Why Your Keyword Matters

What is your business logo? Think about how that logo reflects upon your business. Your choice of an image and colors makes a strong connection in peoples' minds. 

Think of your keyword as the logo for your text marketing campaign. You need to have a single word that represents your campaign and connects with your customers. 

That's why your text marketing keyword matters. It is both your brand representative and your call to action. It must bring your brand to mind in a positive, concise way and get people inspired, all at the same time.


Best Practices for Choosing Text Marketing Keywords 

How do you choose text marketing keywords? There are a few best practices to help you create the best text marketing campaign possible:

  • Make it high impact. Your keyword should be memorable. How can you connect your keyword to your core business or to the specific theme of this campaign? 
  • Keep it short. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, "too long of an SMS keyword and potential subscribers will avoid your campaign like the plague."
  • Connect it directly to your campaign. Logical keywords are helpful when you want people to remember what to text. Do you want someone to add their name to your list for discount glasses? Use a keyword such as GLASSES rather than a keyword like BETTERVISION.
  • Don't fuss. A keyword should not have a lot of extra characters or odd spellings. Avoid being cute or silly when you're developing your keywords. Text message keywords are not the best place to practice your wordplay.
  • Make it simple. Now is not the time to use large compound words or short phrases. If it's hard to remember, your leads aren't going to bother texting you. Using two words also makes it easier to have punctuation or spacing issues that will lead to people texting you and not connecting with your campaign at all. 
  • Be relevant to your readers. Pick words that they would use, rather than fancy industry jargon. 

Are you curious about adding texting to your marketing strategies? At EZ Texting, we are focused on helping you build your text marketing list so that you can build your sales as well. Sign up for free today.

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