What is Your Brand Voice? Make Sure Your Text Communications Hit the Mark

12 Jan

If your company communicates with customers, then you’ve got brand voice. Even if you’re a tiny mom and pop shop, you speak with a certain personality in your marketing materials, website, and customer interactions. This ‘certain personality’ is known as your brand voice.

Have you ever thought about what your voice is? Or what it should be? Without a clearly defined voice, you could be communicating in many different voices or one that doesn’t work for your audience. For example, you want to make sure your text messages sound like they’re from the same company as your website. Also, you wouldn’t want to speak to your senior knitting club members as if they were a bunch of skater bros.

The stakes get higher when you have smaller word counts to craft your message, such as on social media posts and text messages. When every word counts, it’s important that your voice represents your best face to the world.

1. Understand Your Company Personality

You know what service or product you sell, and hopefully what the core values behind them. Try writing these down to help you ground your voice.

We’re a company that sells ________. Our core values are ________ and _________.

We’re a company that sells cotton clothing. Our core values are fun and exploration.

2. Understand Your Customer Profile and Their Motivation

What are they key characteristics of your customers – can you bucket them in a few groups like working moms, college students, or mid-level accountants? For each of these groups try writing a similar sentence.

Our ________ customer shops for ________. They’re motivated by _______ and _________, and care about ___________.

Our college student customer shops for t-shirts. They’re motivated by price and durability, and care about looking cool.

3. How Can Your Voice Speak to Those Customers?

Think about how your company and product address the concerns and motivations of the customer groups you identified. And be honest with yourself – are they aligned? Even if your brand is all about fun and jokes, there still needs to be room for being helpful. Try coming up with a final voice statement that combines both pieces.

At _____ company, we value ________ and _______ . We help our customers achieve their goal of _________ by helping them __________. We speak to our customers with a _______ and ________ voice, and always encourage _______ and _______.

At SuperFun Clothing company we value fun and exploration. We help our customers achieve their goal of looking cool by helping them understand the latest cotton fashions. We speak to our customers with an upbeat and adventurous voice, and always encourage them to explore.

So What Does Your Voice Say?

With these exercises in mind, think about your company and how you should communicate with customers. It’s also worth looking at your current materials to see if you’ve been missing the mark. Having a strong brand voice can only help you when connecting with customers, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right!

Want to learn more about how you can develop your brand voice with text marketing? Call EZ Texting at (800) 753-5732 to learn more!

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