Why SMBs Should Use SMS Marketing

Why SMBs Should Use SMS Marketing

Text messaging is not just a fast way to chat with friends, but a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. With more than half of the global adult population using cell phones to send messages, there is no sign that SMS marketing will stall. In fact, a vast majority of mobile users are more engaged with SMS messaging than other marketing channels. More than 90% of all messages are read within 3 minutes thanks to a robust notification system that alerts the users whenever the text arrives. Below are just but a few reasons why small enterprises invest into the multi-billion industry:

Direct and Instant communication 

Unlike the conventional channels, text messages are short and fast to convey across the target audience. There are no technical designs needed or promotional material required to carry the message, just decide the content and send a bulk SMS to your clients. It takes the same time to send bulk texts as it does to one recipient, which means you have ample time to focus on your brands. The recipients are likely to read the full text since it is short, precise and convenient. 

Fast responses

Other than fast message delivery to the target audience, marketers are keen to know what the clients feel about the products. Rapid communications trigger instant purchases as it provides relevant information required to make a purchase decision. Customer feedback is a vital component that helps the business improve the products to suit their needs. The faster the response, the more likely the company will address issues before losing the clients. 

Higher conversion rate

Unlike the lengthy email marketing content, text messages yield a higher conversion rate. The content is mobile friendly, which triggers response to the call to actions than other marketing platforms. The call to action communicates in clear yet engaging way, with no links and images to fluff the content. 


Without clear measures of success, it is almost impossible to know the impact of the marketing strategy. A vast majority of service providers provides delivery reports that show the number of texts that reached the audience. You can opt for a more complicated option that shows the recipients and the time of receipt. 


Marketing takes a toll on the company’s budget, hence the need to derive the highest possible return on investment on the campaigns. Unlike placing a full in social platforms, you will probably spend cents to send each message or flat rates on bulk texts. It delivers great value proposition for business owners operating on tight budgets. 

Without a sizable budget to fund your marketing campaigns, it is hard to compete with the large corporations on traditional platforms. Text messaging provides a level playing field to sell your brand in the highly competitive market. The vast yet fast coverage outweighs the cost associated with bulk texts and tracking services, making it a worthy investment for small enterprises.

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