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Mon, 01/13/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

When disaster strikes a country, people spring into action to help. SMS texting can aid in disaster response efforts. SMS campaigns for disaster response are becoming popular in effectively get information to intended recipients in times of tragedy. 

Prior to the advent of the Internet, humanitarian aid may have taken weeks, if not months, to reach communities devastated by flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes. Living in a global marketplace means that help can arrive with the press of a button. With SMS texting, concerned citizens can join relief efforts via their cell phones and make...Read more

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

The expanding mobile device market has led to a dramatic increase in mobile search of web activity. According to Phil Harpur of Frost & Sullivan:

“Search results from mobile searches are becoming more distinct to fixed internet searches, with a high proportion of mobile searches optimized for location based material. Also, click-to-call features are becoming more prominent in mobile search advertising.”

Despite the growth in mobile-specific search, desktop searches have not decreased, which means search advertising as a whole is still booming. However, the search industry expects to continue leaving online directories for dust, and mobile search is increasingly coming to the fore, as mobile marketing strategies become more sophisticated and user-oriented. Google predicts that mobile search will overtake desktop during the next few years.

Countless studies and surveys support Google's prediction. Mobile search spending went up 132% year on year, according to a Covario report. On a global basis, mobile search advertising accounted for 16% of total spend in the second quarter of 2013, with 10% of that spending conducted on tablets, and 6% on smartphones.

Research from Telmetrics shows that 50%...Read more

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Too often, mobile marketing practices are associated solely with retailers and other businesses who use the types of service offered by the likes of EZ Texting to promote special offers and issue reminders, ignoring that there are many creative ways to use SMS for updates.  SMS marketing can be used for more edifying purposes than mere commerce.

Local and national governments already rely on texting to communicate with staff and voters. SMS allows them to streamline their communication process and keep people tuned in to the latest events. Now, schools and colleges all over the world have followed suit. Educational institutions are signing up to mobile marketing programs that help them improve the lines of communication between students and staff. In the process, they are creating a new culture of applying cutting-edge technology to a civic context.

A typical application of SMS in schools is notifying parents of a school closure due to extreme weather. Another use is minimizing truancy by sending texts to the parents of absent children. Other schools are using mobile marketing strategies to inform pupils of upcoming events.

In Scotland,...Read more

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

The boom in targeted advertising for mobile devices has brought with it a new set of customers concerns about privacy and ethics. Mobile data collection frequently includes location-based information, with some apps requiring access to users’ GPS co-ordinates. Others ask for contact lists or directory information. While the huge leaps made by mobile marketing strategies[BC1]  often serve the convenience of the customer, it also puts a greater responsibility on companies to be transparent about their use of personal data.

Earlier this year, two advertising regulators introduced new guidelines for app developers, designed to keep mobile marketing trends within ethical boundaries. The Digital Advertising Alliance and the Network Advertising Initiative announced their intention to address how marketers notify users when they collect data via mobile apps.

The Digital Advertising Alliance now requires its members to present users with a standard notice if they intend to use mobile data for advertising purposes. The move will allow users to choose whether to permit companies to collect cross-app data, directory data and locations information....Read more

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

With a staggeringly high open-and-read rate, SMS is the single best tool in any text message marketing campaign manager's box. It affords them the opportunity to build a one-on-one relationship with customers, gathering crucial personal data that can help them create more targeted mobile marketing strategies. But the power supplied by SMS comes with a responsibility attached. This post explains how to balance successful returns with mobile marketing privacy obligations:

Do have a strong call to action. There's no point investing in a mobile marketing campaign if your audience doesn't understand what they're supposed to do with your message. Define a clear call to action as your first order of business, and make sure you offer relevant content to boost customer engagement and, ultimately, opt-in retention rates.

Don’t try to say too much in one message. Mobile marketers are looking to emulate Twitter's success in promoting concise, pithy content bound by character limitations. If you have multiple offers in the pipeline, spread them out over a few texts – but don't bombard your list of contacts with daily messages or they will quickly opt-out. Limit yourself to no more than...Read more

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Many marketers have no idea where to start when devising an SMS campaign much less how to choose an SMS coupon code for coupons to offer your customers. There are all sorts of ways you can present SMS coupons, so it’s necessary to establish which format your customers prefer. It may differ from customer to customer, or there may be an industry-specific best practice. 

A recent Cellit survey found that buy-one-get-one mobile coupons were clearly more popular amongst young consumers, with 68% of them preferring this type of coupon. Offering a straight-up freebie with a purchase, then, is clearly more effective than a percentage discount.

But there is more to consider than the type of discount you offer. Formatting mobile coupons so they are useful to – and welcomed by – your audience can improve your ROI immeasurably. 

Firstly, keep your message brief. When crafting it, ensure the message is as succinct as possible, while also making sure the customer has all the instructions on how to use coupon codes to redeem goods. Use personal language, avoiding jargon at all costs. Slang and sales-speak sticks...Read more

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

JiWire  has launched a new advertising metric that can accurately measure the effectiveness of location mobile marketing campaigns. Grandly dubbed the 'Location Conversion Index', it can measure whether individuals who saw a mobile ad in the morning ended up at a specific retail location in the afternoon.

JiWire's LCI is thought to be the first mobile marketing ROI metric to measure the real-world impact of ad campaigns. It's a major breakthrough for an industry in which mobile marketing trends and campaign outcomes have historically been difficult to track. Used in conjunction with services offered by EZ Texting it promises to make customer engagement more efficient than ever.

The LCI uses JiWire's own Location Graph platform, which can accurately geo-locate customers, whether they're in-store, nearby or heading in the right direction. Leveraging the power of geo-fencing, the system ensures that only store visits are counted as a successful mobile marketing lead.

The technology at work here is pretty impressive. Billions of location tags map consumer patterns of behaviour, connecting the dots of their daily routine and providing invaluable insights into their spending habits and...Read more

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

According to the Pew Research Center on American Life, more than 90% of American adults now own a mobile phone and over half of all adults own a smart phone. This is no surprise, considering that more than half the entire world currently uses mobile technology. As the mobile economy explodes, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to compete for consumers’ attention. Creative, engaging content and innovative uses of mobile technology are at the forefront when developing mobile marketing strategies. Now more than ever, it’s important for companies not only to transition a large portion of the overall ad spend toward mobile marketing trends, but also to optimize their mobile marketing campaigns based on response analysis and focus their budgets accordingly. Unlike traditional media channels, mobile marketing strategies allow for detailed analytics and tracking, which becomes highly effective in deciding how and where to concentrate the marketing budget.

When considering the efficacy of mobile advertising compared to traditional mediums, and thus deciding how much ad spend to transition into mobile, here are some statistics to keep in mind:...Read more

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

While Americans are campaigning for legislation to stamp out texting while driving, it seems Japan is more concerned with the potential problems caused by pedestrians not looking where they’re going.

For those of us who can’t read Japanese script, the text claims that one out of five people who text and walk wind up injuring themselves or others. According to a study conducted at Aichi University of Technology, only 547 out of 1500 people who look at their phones while crossing an intersection would reach the other side without colliding into someone, tripping over, or dropping their phone.

With 7.25 million iPhones sold in Japan during 2011 alone, it’s hardly surprising that the country’s number one smartphone is working on a solution to the problem of ill-timed SMS messaging and web browsing. Last week, Apple filed a patent that aims to provide customers with a live video feed of their surroundings while texting. The objective is to give text addicts a better chance of avoiding street lamps, pedestrians and cars.

The inbuilt camera will be able to continuously capture the immediate environment while texts...Read more

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Marketers need to first remember that mobile is no longer the future, it’s here and it’s now, so mobile marketing tips are crucial. According to a Pew Internet study, 56% of Americans own a smart phone and 34% own a tablet. Research predicts that tablet sales will increase by 59% this year and eventually outpace PC sales by 2015. So getting your mobile strategy right has never been more important for sales, however marketers are failing to turn traffic into conversions for several reasons.

According to AOL/BBDO, mobile advertising performs poorly on key ad effectiveness metrics because the majority of messages are not relevant to the use at that time, are easy to ignore or get in the way. Brands and marketers make the mistake of releasing content that is not geared specifically to mobile devices.

Instead consider these five overlooked tips for some additional ways to maximize your mobile marketing strategies and get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Create a Mission Statement: A developed mission statement can provide
  2. ...Read more


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