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5 Mobile Marketing Don’ts

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

More and more small businesses are catching on to the manifold benefits of mobile marketing, and 84% of companies that adopt a mobile marketing strategy report an upsurge in sales.

With so many new players in the game, rookie mistakes are inevitable. If you want to avoid some of the more common errors made by mobile marketing newbies, read our top five fails so you know what not to do…

Blocking Mobile Traffic

This is surprisingly common. There’s some kind of screwy logic at play: businesses think that just because they don’t have a mobile version of their site, they should block mobile traffic altogether. Bad idea. Something is better than nothing, and smartphone users are getting increasingly nimble at navigating non-mobile sites on their devices, so don’t cut yourself off from a potentially huge audience.

Failing to Optimize for Mobile Search

That said, you really should be working towards having a fully optimized mobile version of your site, searchable on a mobile phone. Remember, people search very differently on a portable device than they do on a desktop. You can’t simply transfer the keywords you target on desktop…

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Canada Combats Bullying with SMS

Thu, 05/22/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

In British Columbia, schools in the Tri-Cities are preparing to launch a text messaging platform aimed at combating bullying. The service will be ready to go at the beginning of the school year in September, and will operate between the hours of 3 and 11pm.

The platform was presented to school trustees by the I Am Someone Society, an organization established to end bullying. To create the technology, I Am Someone partnered with BC211, a network that links users to community and government services.

Education authorities recognize the need for SMS messaging as a way to stay in touch with young people. The objective is to use text message conversations as a conduit to other means of support, such as phone or live counseling.

With scope for anonymity and arms-length communication, texting is often the most trusted form of engagement for teens and young people. A youth services coordinator in Port Coquitlam supported this notion during the meeting last week, citing compelling statistics regarding teen usage of SMS:

  • Girls between 13 and 15 send roughly 250 texts per day
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Using SMS Messaging to Field Complaints

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Dealing with dissatisfied customers is probably the most important part of customer service. After all, theses are people whose business you have already won and upon whom you are basing future projections. Your growth depends on them. You have to get it right.

Until very recently, virtually all customer complaints – in whatever industry – were lodged via phone or mail. These days, many companies have live online agents to help you deal with problems, and the phone complaint lives on, but according to Pew Research, 31% of consumers prefer texting over talking. Another survey found that 75% of consumers would rather text with customer support agent than use social media. But why is SMS messaging so popular with consumers?

A text conversation neatly sidesteps the late 20th century bugbear of negotiating multiple menus and directives to enter personal data when trying to connect with the right person. Web sessions only last for a finite amount of time before timing out – then the whole process has to start again. With SMS,…

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How to Avoid Spamming with Mobile Marketing

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Whether you’re running a major corporation or a start up, SMS messaging and other mobile marketing tactics should form a major part of your overall marketing strategy. The overwhelming popularity of cell phones – and the high open and read rates associated with texting – means mobile marketing is the most efficient way to reach large numbers of people. It just happens to be one of the most affordable types of consumer engagement, leveling the playing field for smaller businesses to compete with the big fish.

Trouble is, all these positive attributes means it’s tempting to overdo your mobile marketing strategy. Sure, you want to offer your contacts something of value, and send them personalized messages with coupons and special offers attached, but you don’t want to be a pocket-sized irritant, vibrating your way into the daily lives of loyal customers. Without realizing it, your texts can go from being welcome notifications to spammy intrusions. So you need to plan your mobile marketing campaign carefully and thoughtfully.

It happens all too often. Even well-established brands have made the fatal mistake of overdoing their ad campaigns. Once the…

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10 Fun Facts About Texting

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

For many of us, being apart from our phones is almost enough to cause a panic attack. The “funeral selfie” Instagram, for instance, is the ultimate testament to just how attached people are to using their mobile devices at all times. Is there such a thing as an appropriate and inappropriate time and place to use our phones? For example, when and where is text messaging appropriate, and how are people's views on cell phone etiquette changing? What else can we learn about human behavior through a closer look at these small devices? How many businesses are using texting? How does mobile messaging impact online sales? And what are the major benefits of texting for business?

Here are some fun facts you may not have known about texting:

1) Remember back when phones were these devices we spoke into? As text messaging has become more…

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Make Your Mobile Marketing Campaign Into a Game to Boost Sales

Sat, 05/17/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Successful mobile marketing campaigns today are capitalizing on the universal appeal and power of gaming as a great way to boost customer interaction and thus drive sales. The drive to play and compete is a part of human nature. People crave the thrilling adrenalin rush that comes along with trying to beat an opponent. The popularity of gaming apps like Angry Birds is a testament to just how universal that craving is. Consumers spend an average of two hours every day on apps, including games. 

Engaged Consumers Make More Purchases

In mobile markeint, gameification means creating messages that employ elements of fun and play to entertain members or customers. When consumers are entertained, they become a “fan” of the brand and thus more likely to make a purchase. Fun can blur the line between entertainment and marketing, making the engagement experience more compelling for consumers as they aim to defeat opponents or surpass challenging obstacles. The rush of pride and accomplishment that comes from play can directly affect mood and general brand perception.

The success of Verizon…

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Keeping Your Reputation in Check

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Reputation management is a key part of any comprehensive marketing campaign. Where more traditional marketing techniques actively promote your business, reputation management attempts to stem any negative feedback or outright calumny that may haunt your online presence.

When you think about how easy it is to go online and spread false or ill-founded information about an individual or a business, it becomes obvious why reputation marketing is so invaluable. To wit, an example:

Joe Pubblico runs a small chain of Italian restaurants. They are well regarded throughout the local area, and even attract visitors from far-off places. The food is fantastic, and the ad campaign is well executed. Their mobile marketing strategy includes regular discounts (and discounts for regulars!) and they let people know about special offers via SMS messaging.

For a mid-priced franchise, Pubblico’s is about as good as it gets. The notices on Yelp, GrubHub and other culinary user review sites are all excellent. Trouble is, Joe has a personal falling out with an old friend. It’s nothing to do with business, and the restaurants continue the same high level of service…

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Twitter Adds SMS Messaging Password Resets

Wed, 05/14/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Twitter has updated its security options to allow users to reset passwords via text or email. The updates were unveiled last week.

In order to implement the SMS messaging option, users must associate a mobile phone number with their Twitter account here. Once the phone is activated, it’s possible to disable any unwanted SMS notifications. To reset a password via email, simply click the ‘forgot password’ link on the front page (the option is available on both desktop and mobile versions of the site, as well as the Android and iPhone apps).

Once the SMS messaging request has been sent, a code is sent to the associated mobile phone; the code must be entered on Twitter’s sign in page, followed by the new password.

The move comes after Twitter promised to ramp up security for their service following a spate of suspicious log in attempts. In addition to the new password reset options, Twitter has started analyzing log in attempts based on location and history, in much the same way banks flag up unusual ATM transactions. If they identify an apparently suspicious log in attempt, Twitter will request verification via email or text.


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SMS Marketing Tips for the Hair Care Industry

Tue, 05/13/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

Hair salons lack may need SMS marketing tips for hair care industry. Short of shaving the name of your business into the back of someone’s head, or attaching labels to their extensions, it’s impossible to brand a haircut. You have to be more creative if you want to get your name out there. 

With a 90% open and read rate, SMS messaging is an invaluable tool for promoting your business and retaining customers. As well as issuing appointment reminders, text messages can be used to send out mobile coupons or announce special offers. As part of a rounded mobile marketing strategy, SMS messaging is an affordable, highly efficient solution, but it can also be incorporated into your other marketing tactics. Here, we take a look at some ways a mobile marketing campaign can benefit your other strategies – and vice versa: 

Snap Happy Clients Cuts

You don’t need a professional photographer to take shots of clients. You just need permission to shoot. And you’ll find that most people are happy to pose if you’ve made them feel great with a winning cut. Choose the best shot and post them on your website and social media pages (again, ask permission from the…

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Personalizing SMS for Customers

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 00:00 — EZ Texting

People associate text messages with family and friends, so using it for business purposes should emulate that sense of personal connection, personalized SMS for customers is important. A well-crafted, empathetic SMS marketing campaign will help you foster and sustain long term relationships with customers.

The art of an effective SMS campaign means striking the right balance between intimacy, professionalism and old-fashioned value for money. Texts must be timely, relevant and appropriate – and businesses have to recognize that these metrics will vary from customer to customer.

It really works. According to a survey run in April 2011 by the e-tailing Group and MyBuys, 46% of respondents were more likely to buy from retailers who personalized their experience, and 66% of respondents expected a more personalized experience if they were part of loyalty program.

In order to achieve a personalized mobile marketing strategy, you need to know as much as possible about the individuals who opt in to your SMS messaging list. If you run a restaurant, you need to find out food preferences. If you run a venue, you need know what sort of music people like…

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