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Text Marketing for Tax Preparation Businesses - How You Can Benefit

Thu, 04/05/2018 - 13:55 — Alixandria Baugh

Tax Day is quickly approaching, and that means your tax preparation franchise is in its busy season! Trying to gain more customers while also bringing back customers you helped last year can be time consuming. EZ Texting can help your tax preparation franchise share promotions, send one-to-one scheduling messages, and coordinate training and staffing information for employees. 

Here are a few ways text marketing can help your tax preparation business:


Whether you are a tax professional or a manager at a tax preparation franchise, promotions play an important part of tax season. Trying to catch the eye of potential clients while also bringing back last years clients can be pretty time consuming.

Emails are easily overlooked, but a text promotion is a great way to grab their attention. Send a message to your contacts that will be sure to motivate them to look to your franchise for help: "This week only - Switch to EZ Tax and get $200! Give us a call or visit our…

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March Madness Texting Can Help Your Hospitality Business Achieve Success!

Tue, 03/13/2018 - 10:13 — Alixandria Baugh

March Madness is the best time to watch college basketball, but it can also be the best time for your hospitality business! Sports fans travel to the 14 different host cities to watch their favorite team play in the tournament. This means they will need a place to stay. And with a 24% increase in chicken wing orders, they’ll also need a place to grab a bite to eat with other fans! How can your hotel or restaurant bring March Madness fans through your doors with text messages?

Create a Smooth Experience for Your Guests 

March Madness is a great opportunity for hotels. WalletHub also expects 71,000 people will travel to San Antonio for the Final Four, and all the other host cities will likely see a large amount of visitors. Create a smooth experience for your guests to really set yourself apart from the competition with text reminders.

Prompt your guests to sign up for text reminders when they make their reservation. Then, send a reminder message when their reservation is coming up soon. Include their reservation date and time, the address of the hotel, and and…

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Boost Attendance for Your Friday Fish Fry with SMS Messages

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 09:42 — Alixandria Baugh

February is moving fast and Lent is right around the corner. Fish Fries are popular events at church during Lent, but how can you let congregants know the details of your seasonal fish fry? SMS is a great way to invite customers to the Friday evening fish fry and remind them to show up! Check out how you can boost attendance to your fish fry with EZ Texting.

Create Your List of Contacts

You want high attendance at your Friday night fish fry during lent this year. Creating a quality contact list is an important first step for inviting your congregation. Your list of contacts will need to only include members of your congregation that want to be contacted. This means you’ll need their consent to contact them.

Opt-In Contacts

You must stay compliant when reaching out to your contacts, which means you must have consent to message them. Consent is very important to protect both you and your contacts. Don’t let this overwhelm you though. EZ Texting Keywords allow your contacts to give you this consent with one simple text. Share your keyword on your bulletin, for example a poster can say “Text CHURCHEVENTS to 313131…

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