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How to Use Text to Manage a Retail Loyalty Program

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 18:44 — Anna Davies

Customer loyalty lists can be gold for small businesses. After all, it’s a list of people who love your product and who are willing to engage. And because these loyalty program lists are so valuable, it’s important to treat them with care. Too many texts can turn off even the most loyal customer; texts without valuable information will cause people to tune out. 

That’s where strategy comes into play. You want to develop a rapport with customers, engage them with news, and provide valuable services, discounts, and insider information that make your text messages a must read. 

Here, five elements to consider to make your retail loyalty texts shine.

1. Think About the Why

Why are customers signing up for the loyalty program? The answer to this depends on what you offer. Some retailers may focus on discounts, while others may have a loyalty program that unlocks perks, such as early bird access or inside scoop on store events via online newsletters. That can determine the messaging that your customers expect from you. Then, use these as guardrails. The “…

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How to Use Text-to-Donate to Power Your “Giving Tuesday”

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 11:13 — Anna Davies

“Giving Tuesday” has been a way to reflect, give back, and donate in the run-up to the holiday season. The concept was introduced in 2012 as a global generosity movement and is being recognized this year on on December 1st.

Of course, this year, local, national, and international organizations have greater needs than ever before. The COVID-19 crisis has led to people facing economic hardships, and organizations are facing uncertainty in giving. That’s why Giving Tuesday can be a great way for small businesses and local organizations to connect with nonprofits to drive donations, cement partnerships, and use the power of text-based connection to encourage people to give to campaigns. Here’s how — and how to do it for your business.

Text-to-Donate: Look at What Works

Recently, T-Mobile partnered with Little League to create the T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant Program, which helps kids play in Little League…

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How Texting Can Help Save Thanksgiving for Restaurants

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 16:25 — Anna Davies

It’s become a cliche at this point in 2020: This year will be different than other years. And that's especially true for Thanksgiving.

As people try to envision a Thanksgiving closer to home that may be more low-key than celebratory dinners in the past, local restaurants can fill a void — and generate revenue — by creating bespoke Thanksgiving experiences for your customer base.

How the Power of Texting can Help Restaurants Engage with Customers for Thanksgiving ... and Beyond!

Whether it’s meal kits, takeout, or a socially distant in-house experience with Covid-19 restrictions in place, use texting to let customers know about plans. A holiday texting plan also provides opportunity to create engaging, interactive content and gives you the flexibility to adapt based on feedback.

Gauge Interest

A quick pulse survey sent by text doesn’t lock you into a plan — but can begin a conversation and allow you to quickly assess what page your customers are on.…

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Discover Your Text Voice – More 😃, More Sales

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 14:37 — Anna Davies

Text is informal and emoji-strewn. It’s a place where inside jokes. memes, and GIFs proliferate, where punctuation (and spllling) is optional, and where you connect to everyone important in your life, from your boss to your partner to your twelve year old. That’s why it can be so tough for retailers to get the tone right. But the good news is that it doesn’t require a steep learning curve. It just requires developing a text voice that fits your brand.

Cultivating a text voice establishes your authority, keeps you top of mind for consumers, and helps you stand out on their phones. This can translate into sales. Here, some tips to keep in mind as you develop a text voice that works to connect with customers. 

Remember: Writing a Text Kindles a Relationship

You likely have several text threads going on with friends and family members at the same time. Sometimes, the texts are to share essential information. But other times, it’s to share a joke, check in to see how people are feeling, and share good wishes. A text relationship between a business and a customer can act…

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How Texting Enhances Learning Pods

Thu, 10/01/2020 - 09:43 — Anna Davies

As the parent to a kindergartener in a district with all-remote learning in place, I’ve witnessed firsthand the number of learning pods pop up in our neighborhood. Ad-hoc pods are being created in dance studios, gymnastics clubs, and afterschool centers, and parents — faced with the daunting task of juggling work and multiple classroom log-ins for their child — are eager to sign kids up for socialization, learning support, and the chance to get outside of their homes and explore their independence for a bit.

But for small businesses, running a learning pod in the era of Covid-19 is more complex than simple after school offerings. Schools, as well, may feel overwhelmed managing small group “learning pods” on top of administrative questions, and may find text messages the most efficient way to keep everyone in the loop, collate necessary forms and information, and provide a dedicated space for updates and photos. Here, how to use texting capabilities to enhance learning pods.

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What Political Campaigns Can Learn from Text Marketing

Thu, 10/01/2020 - 09:23 — Anna Davies

With elections nearing, political campaigns on the local, state, and national level are once again regularly texting likely voters. From donation solicitation to reminding voters to head to the polls or mail in their ballots, 2020 has been dubbed “the year of the text message” by campaign experts — a trend exacerbated when Covid-19 made fundraisers and door knocking all but impossible.

Still, while your phone may be pinging multiple times a day, campaign offices can learn a lot from the way businesses have been connecting with customers over text. Because while text is quick and convenient, too many messages cause voters to tune out — the last thing any politician wants, especially when the countdown to the election is on. Here, what political campaigns can learn from businesses.

Personalization is Everything

As automated texting and AI technology gets more sophisticated, it’s not enough to just personalize a text with a…

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How One Simple Reminder Text Can Make Business Boom

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 16:40 — Anna Davies

What’s worse: An empty auditorium or an empty Zoom room?

Turns out, they’re both pretty cringeworthy. When you’re growing your business (or just getting business done), attendance matters, regardless of whether you’re planning a virtual or IRL event. No-shows waste time, resources, and, in the case of recruitment and hiring events, can leave you short-staffed and scrambling. And while text messages are successfully used by medical offices for appointment reminders, they can be much more versatile across all businesses, increasing engagement, conversation, and customer conversion. Here, how to use simple, automated text messages to make sure people know that where they want to be — is wherever your business is right now.

Reminder Texts Reduce No-Shows

Bottom line: Reminders work. One study at an opthalmology clinic found that appointment reminders decreased no-shows by 38%. Text tools can also provide a way for people to seamlessly reschedule appointments in a timely fashion so you’re not facing a calendar…

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6 Reasons Why Texting Is Essential for Local Governments

Fri, 08/28/2020 - 23:43 — Anna Davies

List-servs, community canvassing, social media messaging, and official websites all seem like good ways to get messaging across to constituents. But if your local municipality isn’t using text messaging as a means of communication, you may be missing out on some of the most vulnerable members of your population.

While low-income families may have unreliable or sporadic access to computers, statistics show that up to 96% of low-income families have cell phones and 81% have unlimited text plans. Texting can be a great way to share local resources, provide answers, and connect people to the department that serves their needs. This streamlines administration processes and mitigates frustration. Here, some of the benefits of texting for municipalities and constituents alike.

Texting Preserves Privacy and Safety

The miles-long lines of cars to get Covid-19 tested this past spring has proven that it’s not enough simply to provide a service. People need to be able to quickly and safely access services. They also need to know they are eligible to be able to do so. Texting can provide a pre-screening process as an essential first step to ensuring that a person is…

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Back to School: How Texting Transforms Distance Learning

Wed, 08/12/2020 - 15:59 — Anna Davies

As a parent, what got me through “homeschooling a four-year-old” (author’s note: hahahahaha) during the spring were our daily texts from my daughter’s public pre-K teacher, Mrs. B.

Mrs. B sent lesson prompts, photos of classmates, and “I miss you” messages. Even though my four-year-old doesn’t yet read, she always asked what Mrs. B had texted and lit up when I showed my phone to her and read the messages out loud.

As the school year is poised to open — in-person, entirely online, or in a hybrid system — effective communication is more important than ever. Texting provides advantages for school districts and teachers to make sure everyone is on the same page and no kids get left behind, no matter what the school year looks like. Here, why text is such a game changer when it comes to contemporary education — and how text will transform the way educators communicate.

Text Eliminates Uncertainty

During the pandemic, our family’s school district has delivered a weekly Sunday evening robocall. The call always seems to come during dinner, and the recording can be…

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The Immediate Power of Text Notifications

Thu, 08/06/2020 - 17:17 — Anna Davies

Sometimes, it can feel like a "simple" phone call requires just as much maneuvering as a weekend dinner date. Who will call who? When? "Is now good?" And of course, before you actually connect, you both need to wait a few seconds as one or both of you figure out your wireless earbuds. Meanwhile, text alerts and notifications are lightning quick.

Research shows 90% of all texts are read within three minutes of receipt. And with less than 160 characters, texts are easy to read and easy to acknowledge — which is why texting is being picked up by local governments and emergency services. For example, Text-to-911 services are being implemented across the country, allowing people to access emergency services via phone. Domestic abuse survivors can text for help, making it easier to discreetly connect to services. And governments are creating text lines to disseminate…

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