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EZ Texting Named One of TrustRadius' Most-Loved Companies for 2020

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 09:35 — Adam Houghtaling

To celebrate Valentine's Day TrustRadius has put together their second TrustRadius Love Report and EZ Texting is thrilled to have made the list!

To compile the winners TrustRadius analyzed every word (that's nearly 23 million words in total) in their database of software reviews to identify the products most adored by their users. After combing through every one of the reviews for roughly 5000 products across 540 categories they came up with their final list of 50 winners. 

TrustRadius says this year's winners "represent a wide variety of solutions, showing that any kind of software can inspire love."

How did we get here?

EZ Texting had a phenomenal 2019. We rolled out two original reports – The 2019 Mobile Usage Report: How Consumers are REALLY Texting and Text Marketing in 2019: The Next Generation of Business…

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Text Marketing in 2019 Report: The Next Generation of Business Communication

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 06:00 — Adam Houghtaling

These days, finding a way to cut through the noise and deliver your marketing message is one of the greatest challenges facing any small business owner or marketing professional. Direct mail drops right into the circular file, emails are deleted unopened, and social media messages are scanned and forgotten, but there's one marketing move you may not be using that offers a personal, one-to-one connection to your customers and an incredible 98% engagement rate: text marketing.

EZ Texting recently surveyed 565 consumers and 571 businesses (1,136 respondents in total) across all ages, genders, and locations in the United States to produce the new report on text communication in 2019: The Next Generation of Business Communication. What we found was undeniable: People love to text and they want to communicate with businesses via text.

86% of small business owners who use text messaging find that it offers a higher rate of engagement than email marketing.

We found that 64% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are set up to receive text messages, but only 13% of those surveyed use the medium to communicate with their customers. Meanwhile, 84% of…

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How an Energy Consultant Saves His Clients Money With Real-Time Mobile Updates

Fri, 11/01/2019 - 13:36 — Adam Houghtaling

As anyone with an electric bill can attest, energy costs tend to fluctuate over time. When using energy on an industrial scale even slight variations can be costly. In recent years, the formerly consistent and predictable peaks and valleys of energy use have given way to real-time, demand-based pricing, which means the cost of running a piece of machinery can vary by the hour, making it difficult for businesses to clearly see opportunities for savings.

Graeme Cox, a sales professional at EnPowered Solutions — an energy consultancy that works with firms in the industrial sector, where electricity consumption tends to be high — noticed many of his customers struggling to stay ahead of market variances.  He needed a way to communicate pricing shifts quickly and efficiently to his customers. After trying other text marketing services, he finally found everything he was looking for in EZ Texting’s business texting platform.

“I needed a quick and reliable solution that would allow me to communicate time-sensitive information. I love the fact that EZ Texting’s messages are sent instantly without any…

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EZ Texting and Community Brands Partner to Enhance Customer Data Solutions

Wed, 10/23/2019 - 10:25 — Adam Houghtaling

Managing client information is a critical part of any business. With that in mind, EZ Texting has partnered with Community Brands, a leading provider of cloud-based business management, commerce and payment solutions for member-based organizations, to help streamline our client data management.

We have a reputation for reliability, trust, and compliance and are committed to our 160K+ users from across industries who love EZ Texting for our accessibility and end-to-end customer support. By working with dynamic technology solutions partners like Community Brands, we’re ensuring an optimized client experience and that our customer service remains best-in-class.

"Easy to use. Amazing customer service."
—Samantha C., Small Business Owner

"I used to use a different company and trying to get ahold of them was a pain. I found EZ Texting online through a search and called them right away to find out more information. They answered all my questions and I started to implement the service…

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How One Sales Manager Accelerated His Referral Network With Text Marketing

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 01:00 — Adam Houghtaling

Patrick Lewis, a sales manager and mortgage planning specialist with Axia Home Loans, had a problem.

Like many loan officers, referrals make up the lion’s share of Lewis’ new leads, but after years of cultivating a robust email network and creating targeted content for real estate agents, financial advisors, home builders, and former clients he started to see declines in engagement. The email open rates he used to measure his success began dropping. And continued to drop across his entire referral network.

So Lewis started investigating and found that his problem was the medium, not the message: People had simply stopped engaging with email.

He knew he had to go where his audience was and began researching text marketing solutions that would offer the flexibility to group his contacts for segmented messaging and allow him to easily track engagement levels. He quickly settled on EZ Texting, a lightweight solution with powerful reporting and segmentation capabilities.

“Using EZ Texting lets me connect with the right person at the right time. The tracking tool is awesome, making it clear that people review texts way faster than email!”…

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