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How Text Messaging Can Drive the Auto Service Rebound

Thu, 06/04/2020 - 15:41 — Cameron Smith

It’s been business—but not quite as usual—for the essential auto repair industry throughout the coronavirus shutdown. Now, as other industries begin returning to work, there are more drivers returning to the road; this translates into more customers for you.

"We're up probably 50%,” said Melissa Dean, co-owner of JD’s Auto Repair in Frankfort, KY. “A little busier every day, more cars everyday, it’s getting a little better."

Seize the opportunity to generate more business (and hopefully recoup some losses you may have faced) with proactive, top-of-mind messaging.

With a 98% engagement rate, text marketing effectively helps you notify clients of changes in operating hours, appointment booking reminders, and more. Text makes it easy to reach out to drivers who may have skipped regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups and oil changes during the quarantine.

Make Adjustments

In the automotive industry, safety is always of the utmost importance—but this now extends to social distancing guidelines along with 5-star vehicle safety ratings. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer…

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How Fitness Businesses Can Incorporate Text Into Their Reopening Regimen

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 09:25 — Cameron Smith

As the economy begins to reopen in areas gyms, wellness centers, and fitness businesses could see a rush of go-getters ready to sweat it out after months at home.

The return of customers will be a refreshing wave for most, but also stands to be an opportunity for those looking to go beyond back-to-normal with a communication strategy geared towards top-of-mind messaging and rewarding loyal customers.

In California, several organizations have banded together to form the California Fitness Alliance with the aim to safely reopen gyms across the state. “Being active is just as important today as it was before the pandemic,” says California Fitness Alliance member Randy Karr, president and CEO of California Family Fitness.

Whether you're reopening tomorrow or next month, here are some steps you can take to lay the groundwork for some serious gains.

Before You Reopen

If you aren’t already, utilizing online classes and content customers can leverage from home is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

You can take this a step…

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