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The Easiest Way to Add a Link to Text From Your Site

Ever wondered how to add an SMS link to your website using basic HTML? It’s easier than you think. You’ve likely seen competitors who offer customers the option to Send Us an Email on their Contact Us page. If you click on the text link, it opens a new message in your email client. You can do the same with HTML code for sending an SMS to a mobile phone. 

We’ll show you how to create an HTML text message link that opens the customer’s mobile phone SMS texting app. You can even pre-populate the text message with your textable number and text message copy. 

How One Nonprofit Uses Mass Texting to Increase Donations

EZ Texting Named Top Rated 2019 Marketing Tool by TrustRadius

How This Genius Sales Team Converts More Leads Using SMS Marketing

Let’s say your marketing strategy is pulling in the leads. Great, you’ve aced the first step, but now you need to implement a strategy that can convert these sales leads with as little overhead as possible, in as little time as possible. While some entrepreneurs use SMS marketing to generate leads, other teams are creatively using bulk texting for conversion.

Is Email Marketing Dead? What to Know in 2019

By the looks of our inboxes each morning, it seems like email marketing is alive and flourishing, but does more mean it's an effective channel? It doesn't, but so far the solution to email's low engagement rate of about 2.5%, which is determined by the number of people that opened and then clicked on a call to action, has been to send more emails.

In this video, we'll explore the state of email marketing in 2019, and what you should be expecting from a marketing channel. 

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