Using text messaging to streamline healthcare hiring and staff management.

How Text Can Simplify Healthcare Hiring and Staff Communications

In today’s crowded and competitive healthcare market finding, recruiting, and maintaining qualified medical staff in a timely manner remains a major challenge. It’s also one of the most expensive efforts all healthcare organizations – from hospitals to home care agencies and nursing homes to rehabilitation centers – must address. Managing
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What the Healthcare Industry Needs to Know About Text Messages and HIPAA Compliance

Are you interested in investing in text message marketing for your practice? According to recent studies, text marketing generates higher engagement than any other digital marketing solution. Moreover, 50% of consumers check their phones 5+ times per hour, and 90% of consumers check their phones immediately after waking. However, as
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How Doctors That Send an SMS Reminder Decrease Appointment No-Shows By 38%

Unfortunately, people get busy. They have families, careers, and other commitments. Suddenly, the appointment card they stuck to the fridge is forgotten. Now you’re stuck with an empty appointment slot. The worst part is that missed appointments can cost your office hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. You don’t
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How Can My Dental Practice Use Text Marketing?

Say the word “dentist” and many will cringe. Your seat is often one of the most avoided seats, yet it is inevitable that we will have to become well-acquainted with it someday. As someone who has a dental practice, you may find that people are flighty or hostile during your
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