Mobile Marketing

07 May Best church texting solutions

Texting solutions can give your church a big bang for your buck. It costs just pennies to send texts which get extraordinary engagement rates.

Text messages get better engagement rates than email and all other marketing channels by orders of magnitude. Contacts open only 21% of emails...

30 Apr Best Church Text App Features

Are you disappointed with your church Facebook page's low engagement and the lackluster response to mass emails to your congregation?

If you are, you're in good company. A lot of churches have felt this pain and that's one of the reasons they're flocking to church texting apps.

18 Aug

Online visibility is everything in business. If your target audience can't find your business online, they'll go elsewhere—probably to your competitors.

To avoid this outcome, you can use the following three simple steps to improve your online visibility and gain traction with your...

09 Aug

Everyone's talking about digital solutions these days: e-books, blogs, social media platforms, email marketing, and more. However, these conversations don't mean that tangible products and marketing campaigns have gone the way of MySpace and Napster.

In fact, direct mail remains a...