22 Dec Text marketing

Do you know the key to text marketing? Your keyword is critical to gathering interest for your text marketing campaign. What is a text marketing keyword, and how do you choose one for your next campaign? 

What is a Text Marketing Keyword? 

When you create a text marketing campaign,...

02 Nov

By now, most people know that texting messaging exists and that it’s a great way to connect with friends. Businesses have started to use texting as well to remind customers about appointments and promote sales. But is that all that texting can do for businesses? The answer is no!


31 Oct

EZ Chat is a new product from EZ Texting that enables business owners to communicate with their contacts through more personalized one-on-one text messages. Texts are kept in threaded conversations in the EZ Chat dashboard.

How can you make it work for you?

Build a team of...

05 Sep

Retaining an existing customer costs about five times less than acquiring a new one. Nevertheless, only 18 percent of companies focus their marketing efforts on customer retention. Let those numbers sink in for a moment before you dismiss the value of post-purchase marketing. 

If you want...