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Text and Self-Storage

The EZ Guide to SMS and Self-Storage

Self-storage spaces provide a central location for customers to park their possessions. But even if stuff stays in one place, customers are on the go. Everyday communication has evolved beyond one central inbox—and if you don’t have a way for folks to immediately connect with you, you may be missing
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Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

9 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Implement Today

In a crowded market, how do you make your properties stand out from the rest? If you do what everybody else does, your results will be average, prospects will lose interest, and your clients will wonder why they chose you. Your prospects and clients need to see that you're a
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Real Estate SMS Samples

Nab These 6 Real Estate SMS Samples You Can Use Right Now

Most real estate agents are already using Short Message Service (SMS) marketing. According to Google Trends, the search term "text marketing" peaked in 2011 and has been holding steady since. So, if you haven't already invested in text marketing for your real estate business, you're a little behind the curve
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5 Real Estate SMS Messages Guaranteed to Generate New Business Overnight

If you need to drum up business quickly, sending text messages is the way to go. No other channel generates the high engagement rates that text marketing does. Text messages, otherwise known as Short Message Service (SMS) messages, are opened and read almost five times more than email (98% to
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