How to Start a Customer Loyalty Program

You might belong to a few customer loyalty programs. They're difficult to resist when you reach the POS counter and the cashier asks if you'd like to sign up for special promotions and discounts. And that's why the model works. Ramping up a loyalty program — or adding SMS texting
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Sales Leads Using Text Messaging

How This Genius Sales Team Converts More Leads Using SMS Marketing

Let’s say your marketing strategy is pulling in the leads. Great, you’ve aced the first step, but now you need to implement a strategy that can convert these sales leads with as little overhead as possible, in as little time as possible. While some entrepreneurs use SMS marketing to generate
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Retail Marketing Strategy

A Retail Marketing Strategy That Drives Massive Engagement

A lot of retail marketing pros wake up with a recurring bad dream. Maybe you have this nightmare as well. You launched an expensive campaign yesterday, and the store is empty. Soft rock music echoes off the tiled floors with no shoppers to hear it. You're staring at the front
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SMS Campaign Examples – Texting 101

Are you looking for SMS business ideas to help you get started on your text marketing journey? We’ve got you covered. At EZ Texting we’ve help thousands of organizations get up and running with texting. We designed this “Texting 101” series to help you understand the basics of texting and
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