Church SMS Marketing

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Church SMS marketing is an extension of what your church does every day. Whenever you erect a sign outside your church, distribute a newsletter promoting a ministry, or announce your service times in a newspaper advertisement, you are marketing your church.

The difference between “everyday” church marketing and church SMS marketing is that - when you communicate with your congregation via SMS text messaging - you are using a channel of communication that resonates with your congregation and that will generate engagement.

SMS marketing for churches is more intimate and immediate than “everyday” church marketing. With church SMS marketing, you can contact groups of your church´s members simultaneously to:

  • Send reminders about church events, increasing member attendance.
  • Encourage giving, or solicit assistance for community members in need.
  • Promote ministries and volunteer opportunities to foster social engagement.
  • Share inspirational Bible passages or appeal for prayer requests.
  • Send urgent messages about event cancellations or last-minute venue changes.
  • Replace inefficient phone trees with the click of a button.

As SMS text messages can be read on older-model cellphones as well as the latest-generation smartphones, SMS marketing for churches has a broader reach than email, Internet advertising, or messaging services that rely on smartphone apps.

Studies have shown that 91% of all Americans keep their mobile device within reach at all times and that 98% of SMS text messages are opened within three minutes - compare to an open rate for email of 22%. SMS text messages also have a response rate up to eight times higher than email.

How Church SMS Marketing Works

Create a Message

SMS marketing for churches involves a very simple process. You simply create an account with a group text service provider who provides you with access to an online texting platform. To send a group SMS, you log into the platform, compose your message, upload a list of members to receive the SMS, and click send. Within minutes, the selected group(s) of members will be receiving your message wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

You can expand your groups of members in various ways. An invitation to join the texting service at the end of a meeting or in your church’s newsletter (i.e. text “Church” to 858585) often encourages existing church members to opt in to the service, while new members of your congregation can be attracted via invitations on your website or social media activities. Indirectly, church SMS marketing can also attract youth members to your congregation.

Church MMS Marketing Delivers Greater Impact

Inspirational Text Message

Integrating multimedia (MMS) with your text messages can deliver your message with greater impact. Messages consisting of images, video and audio files - or with multimedia files as attachments - tend to have more influence than plain text messages and can be more effective at increasing event attendances, encouraging charitable donations, or soliciting requests for assistance from volunteer groups.

Church MMS marketing also enables faith-based organizations to extend their spiritual reach into the community. Inspirational Bible passages and prayer requests are more thought-provoking when accompanied with images or an audio commentary, while church MMS marketing can also be used to reinforce the teachings from the previous week´s sermon or prepare children for their next Bible study class.

SMS Marketing for Churches from EZ Texting

All Tools

EZ Texting supports church SMS marketing and church MMS marketing through its easy-to-use and versatile online texting platform. With SMS marketing for churches from EZ Texting, your faith-based organization can better communicate with your congregation and generate engagement by:

  • Scheduling messages for a time when they will generate maximum response.
  • Automatically personalizing your church SMS marketing with the recipient´s name.
  • Tracking your marketing messages so you can observe spikes in engagement and responses.
  • Saving sent messages as templates for re-use in the future or for recurring messages.
  • Accessing the platform from any Internet-connected device so that you can compose and send/schedule SMS messages from any location.

Our team of Client Success Managers can offer tips and advice on how to extend your organization´s reach within the community and effectively engage your members. We also provide online tools for visitors to your website and social media channels to opt into your church SMS marketing.

If you are just starting with SMS marketing for churches, we provide a “Free and EZ” texting plan. As the name suggests, our “Free and EZ” texting plan is both free and easy. There are no contracts to sign, no payments to make, and no obligation to subscribe to a higher level of service at a later date.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, call our friendly team of Client Success Managers. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about SMS Marketing for churches and guide you through the process of creating your free online account.

Call us today, and within minutes you could be communicating with your congregation and engaging your members more effectively than ever before with church SMS marketing.

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