Church Text Message

Although the church text message is a relatively new concept, it is quickly being adopted as a powerful tool to communicate with church members, develop community engagement and increase event attendance. Sending church messages by text can also promote spirituality by sharing inspirational messages or preparing the congregation for the following week´s teachings…or reiterating the previous week’s.

The growth in popularity of the church text message can be attributed to several key points. First, it is not necessary to have a smartphone in order to receive a text message. You can reach out to members with older-model cellphones. Second, 91% of Americans keep their mobile phones with them at all times. And third, sending church messages by text requires no special technical or design skills.

Sending church messages by text also appeals to the youth members of a congregation. Many faith-based organizations have been able to reach out and build connections with students and their parents, using a church text message service to remind them of classes, volunteer opportunities and youth group trips. In doing so, churches are building relationships that will help solidify the futures of their congregations.

How a Church Text Message Service Works

A church text message service is simply an online texting platform through which churches and other faith-based organizations can send messages in bulk to their congregations. The process for sending church messages by text is very simple. The individual sending the text message logs into their account, composes the message, uploads the list of members to whom the message is to be sent, and clicks send.

Lists of members are easy to develop. Churches can ask their members to opt into the church text message using a simple short code (for example, text “Join” to 313131). Alternatively, an invitation to join the messaging group can be placed in the church´s newsletter, on its website, on its Facebook page, or sent out in a Tweet. Word of mouth is also a good way to expand the online congregation.

Members can be sorted into groups so that they only receive messages that are relevant to them. For example, you could group together all the members of a youth ministry so that the group can be reminded of forthcoming meetings, special events, cancelled gatherings or last-minute venue changes. Similar groups can be created for pastors, administrators and volunteers.

Sending a Church MMS Message

Sending a church multimedia (MMS) message is equally as simple. However instead of a plain text message, members receive a church MMS message that includes images, audio or video. A church MMS message can have a greater impact on members, especially when sharing Bible passages or encouraging assistance for community members in need.

It is also possible to attach a poll or survey to a church MMS message in order to encourage engagement. A poll or survey can be used to solicit feedback on future attendance at an event, to help select the content of the following week´s sermon, or to discuss proposed community activities. Research in the retail industry suggests response rates to polls can be as high as 50%.

Further research indicates that brands that use text messaging as a channel of communication reach 95% of their target audience. It is no surprise to learn that the Coca-Cola Company spends 70% of its mobile marketing budget on text messaging - twice as much as the company spends on marketing via email, Facebook and Twitter combined!

EZ Texting´s Church Text Message Service

Sending church messages by text means that your members receive your message wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Open rates for text messages are much higher than for any other form of electronic communication, and text messages are read much quicker than emails - and more often than messages communicated via social media.

EZ Texting´s church text message service also allows you to add intimacy to your messages. Our online texting platform enables you to personalize each text message with the recipient´s name. If they have shared their full personal details with you, you can also schedule texts to congratulate your members on their birthdays, on their anniversaries, and on other notable events.

One further advantage of EZ Texting is that our online texting platform enables you to see who has received your church text message, if you have any incorrect mobile phone numbers and who has responded to any poll or survey you have included in your text. You can even have members´ responses forwarded to your personal mobile phone if you wish.

Try EZ Texting for Free

While the concept of the church text message continues to grow, we are inviting all faith-based organizations to take advantage of our “Free and EZ” texting plan to test the effectiveness of sending church messages by text in their own environments. There is no catch involved, no contract to sign and no obligation for organizations to commit to a long-term relationship with EZ Texting.

To find out more about our invitation, please call our team of Client Success Managers. Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you have about our offer and guide you through creating your “Free and EZ” account.  Once online, you will be able to reach out to your members to develop community engagement, increase event attendance and promote spirituality with a greater impact than any other form of communication.

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