Church Text Messaging

Church text messaging is a simple yet powerful way in which to maximize engagement with your congregation. It uses a channel of communication that most people have access to throughout the day to reach out to community members in a format that is immediate, personal and noticed.

Unlike some other methods of mobile or electronic communication that rely on apps or email access, everybody with a cellphone can receive SMS messages. Consequently, church text messaging delivers your message to members of your community wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

SMS messages are often opened and read much quicker than social media messages or emails. Consequently, church text messaging can play a vital role in communications if, for example, a meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather or the venue for a study class has changed at the last minute.

How Church Text Messaging Works

In order to communicate with your congregation by text messaging, it is advisable to create an account with a text messaging service provider. The service provider will give you access to an online text messaging platform, through which you can send your messages in bulk to your opted-in members.

The process for using the online text messaging platform is simple:

  • Log into your account.
  • Write your text message.
  • Upload a list of recipients.
  • Click send.

Your list of recipients does not necessarily have to be your complete database of opted-in members. It is unlikely that every text message you send will be relevant to your entire organization. Church text messaging enables you to sort your congregation into groups and communicate with just those groups to whom your message may be important (volunteers, administrators, students, pastors, etc.). 

Once your text message has been sent, the online text messaging platform advises you of when the text messages are opened and of any responses you receive. This information can help you to plan future communications to your congregation to enhance their effectiveness and - if applicable - their response rates. It is also possible to have responses forwarded to your own cellphone or mobile device if desired.

Church MMS Messaging

Church MMS messaging varies slightly from church text messaging as it enables you to include multimedia files with your text message. Adding a picture, a video or an audio file can create a more powerful message that attracts higher level of engagement and response from your church members.

Church MMS messaging can have a greater impact for communications aiming to:

  • Increase event attendance.
  • Promote volunteer opportunities.
  • Encourage donations for a worthy cause.
  • Solicit assistance for church members in need.

You can also use polls and surveys to further increase the response to church MMS messaging. A survey conducted for the retail industry revealed that 50% of people respond to marketing text messages. This is a much higher response rate than can be achieved through printed media, email or social media - taking advantage of a channel of communication that is widely used by the youth of today.

Using church text messaging - and church MMS messaging in particular - helps your organization connect with the youth of today in a format that resonates with them. By facilitating youth mentorship and developing relationships with your existing members, your organization will solidify your congregation and help ensure its future.

“Free and EZ” Church Text Messaging from EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a text messaging service provider with one of the most versatile online text messaging platforms in the industry. Using the EZ Texting platform, churches and other faith-based organizations can compose their text messages in advance and schedule them to be sent out at a time that will generate maximum response (for example, thirty minutes before a service is due to commence when you may have more important matters to attend to).

The EZ Texting platform supports both church text messaging and church MMS messaging, and enables you to save your sent messages as templates to save you time when sending out similar messages in the future. The platform also has several features that can increase the impact of your communications - for example, personalizing them with the recipients’ names - and, because you can access the platform from any Internet-connected device, you can also compose and schedule your messages “on the go”.

If you are interested in engaging members of your community with church text messaging, we invite you to give our platform a try with our “Free and EZ” texting plan. This plan enables you to experience the effectiveness of church text messaging with nothing to pay, no contracts and no obligation from you to subscribe to a higher level of service. We will even include tools for your website and social media channels to encourage your members to opt in to your service.

To find out more about our “Free and EZ” church text messaging offer, please do not hesitate to contact our team of Client Success Managers. Our team will happily answer any questions you may have about church text messaging and guide you through the process of creating your EZ Texting account so that you can start engaging members of your congregation that might be excluded from other forms of mobile or electronic communication.

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