Mobile Carrier Lookup API

HLR (Home Location Register) Lookup

The EZ Texting mobile carrier lookup API allows you to look up mobile phone numbers to determine their carrier, but that's actually just the beginning. Our easy-to-use tool can also provide you with valuable data about the quality of your contact lists before you send text messages, saving you time and money. Use the tool to identify whether a number is a landline, a cell phone, in-service or disconnected so that you can clean up and organize your list for cost-efficient texting. The Carrier Lookup tool within an EZ Texting account only costs 1 message credit per number lookup.

You can also create an account specifically for Carrier Lookup without utilizing our texting services. In this case, the cost is 1 cent per lookup. For more information about creating a Carrier Lookup account, feel free to contact us to let us know that you are interested in using the Carrier Lookup Service.

How accurate is the carrier lookup service? We offer a carrier grade, real-time lookup service.  We use the same database that the carriers themselves use to route SMS traffic in and out of their own systems.

Developers can also utilize our API for Carrier Lookup services. Check out documentation to see how to implement the Carrier Lookup API.