EZ Texting Features - Helping You Acquire, Engage, and Service Customers

EZ Texting Features

EZ Texting makes it simple to communicate with your contacts via sms messages. This guide to EZ Texting features is designed to give you a basic understanding of our text marketing tool. Check out some of our most popular features:





Acquire Customers

These EZ Texting Features make it easy to grow your contact list of opted-in subscribers so you can broaden your reach.

Keywords - MOST POPULAR - Build your list when customer text a word like SUBSCRIBE to a short code such as 313131.

Sign Up Forms (Widgets) - Use these simple forms on your website or on social media to capture new subscribers.

Advanced Messaging - Ready to take your text marketing to the next level? Set-up drip campaigns, text forwarding, recurring messages and more.





Engage Your Audience

These EZ Texting features help you connect and engage with your subscribers, keeping you top-of-mind.

Reminders - NEW - Schedule personalized reminders to ensure your contacts make appointments and meet deadlines.

Picture Messaging (MMS) - Make sure your message pops with a photo, video or extra text, using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

Text to Vote SMS Polls - Reach out and get results! Text to vote is the fastest and easiest way to get feedback from customers.





Service Your Customers

These EZ Texting Features help you provide better service to your customer, boosting their satisfaction and participation.

EZ Chat - NEW - Provide personalized, one-on-one service via text chats – even from your landline.

Text-to-Landline - Enable your landline, such as your main business number, to receive and reply to text messages.

Dedicated Short Code Services - Get your own short code when you’ve got high volume or multiple clients, we can take your through the steps and make it easier.