Link Shortener – Use EZ Texting’s URL Shortener When You Send Bulk SMS

A link shortener or URL shortener can help you fit in a URL without eating up your characters count. This is especially handy when the URL you need to include is long or hard to read. Plus, when you send an SMS text message, you only have 160 characters to work with. EZ Texting’s link shortener also enables tracking, so you can see how your link performs.


How Does the EZ Texting Link Shortener Work?

When you’re typing a message in EZ Texting’s message platform, copy and paste in the URL you want to include. When you do this, the EZ Texting system will ask you if you’d like to shorten the link. If you say yes, the EZ Texting system will automatically generate a short link the original one within the message. Why Using EZ Texting’s URL Shortener is a Good Idea In addition to the benefits of a smaller link, using the EZ Texting URL shortener allows you to track interaction with your link. 

  • Know who specifically clicked your link, not just the total number of clicks 
  • See who your most engaged contacts are
  • Use the link shortener for no additional charge
  • The link we generate is extra short

Using Shortened Links Outside of Text Messaging

Outside of sending messages, you can also use EZ Texting's link shortening tool to create URLS to place elsewhere. Post to your social media, include in emails, or use anywhere on the web. EZ Texting will track any link it creates!

If you have any questions about link shorteners, our Customer Success Experts are ready to help! With over ten years in the business, our team is made up of text marketing experts that can guide you in getting up and running -- and thriving with our link shortening tool. Give us a call at (800) 753-5732. Hello world!