Faith-Based Text Messaging

Faith-based text messaging enables community leaders to engage with their members in a way no other channel of communication can match. It takes advantage of a channel of communication already being used by your members, one that is more intimate than email, more noticed than social media, and more immediate than calling trees.

These three factors contribute to text messaging for faith-based organizations delivering a higher response rate than any other electronic form of communication. It helps you to extend your organization´s reach within the community and engage your members in a manner that resonates with them to increase event attendance, promote volunteer opportunities and encourage giving.

Why Faith-Based Text Messaging is Such an Effective Communications Channel

Faith-based text messaging is an effective communications channel because you and your members do not have to be “digitally aware” in order to send or receive text messages. It allows both members with older-model cellphones and those with Internet-enabled smartphones to receive your messages and integrate your faith-based organization into their conversations.

Furthermore, text messaging has been acknowledged as people´s communication channel of choice. Research has shown that more than 90% of people have their mobile devices within reach at all times of the day and night, and that 98% of text messages are opened within three minutes of receipt. Further research has shown that only 29% of Tweets and 12% of Facebook posts are ever read.

How Text Messaging for Faith-Based Organizations Works

Text messaging for faith-based organizations is not only effective, it is simple too. In order to send messages by text to your members in bulk, you will need to subscribe to a text messaging service. The service provider will assign you a keyword that your members should text to a dedicated number in order to opt into the service (for example, text “Join” to 313131). You can advise your members of the keyword/number combination at the end of a service, in your newsletter and on your website.

Once you have compiled a list of opted-in members, you visit the service provider´s online platform and log into your account. Thereafter, you compose your message, upload the cellphone numbers of the members you want to receive the message, and click send. You do not have to send every message to every member of your congregation. If you’d like, you can sort your members into groups and send your text message to just those groups for whom the message is relevant.

Faith-Based MMS Messaging Can Increase the Impact of Your Messages

Faith-based MMS messaging is an extension of text messaging for faith-based organizations. It enables you to send multimedia (MMS) files with, or instead of, your plain text message. Multimedia files can include images, video or audio, and they are a particularly effective way to engage with your youth members - who can be difficult to attract and retain, but who will become your adult congregation in the future.

Faith-based MMS messaging can increase the impact of inspirational Bible passages or prayer requests. Polls and surveys can be attached to MMS messages in order to encourage member responses and stimulate feedback, while images and video can be used to reinforce the teachings from the previous week´s sermon or prepare children for their next Bible study class.

Engage Your Members More Effectively with EZ Texting

EZ Texting provides a faith-based text messaging service that has been designed for ease-of-use and maximum effectiveness. Our service is accessed via an online platform that has an easy-to-understand interface and includes several features that will help foster engagement with your members:

  • Automatically personalize your messages with the recipient´s name.
  • Divide your members into groups and sub-groups for simpler management and more relevant messaging.
  • Forward-schedule your messages to be received at the most effective time.
  • Save your messages as templates for future use or for a recurring campaign.

EZ Texting supports both faith-based text messaging and faith-based MMS messaging, and you have the choice of monitoring responses to your messages via the online platform or having them forwarded to your personal mobile device. We also have an experienced and friendly team of Customer Success Managers, who will help you get started with faith-based text messaging and provide you with some valuable tools to grow your member contact list as quickly as possible.

Try Text Messaging for Faith-Based Organizations for Free

If you feel that faith-based text messaging could benefit your community, you are invited to try text messaging for faith-based organizations for free via our “Free and EZ” texting plan. Our “Free and EZ” plan gives organizations the opportunity to experience the benefits of faith-based text messaging in their own environments without any obligation to commit to a higher level of service.

To find out more about our “Free and EZ” offer, simply call our team of Customer Success Managers today. Our team will guide you through the process of setting up your online account (there are no set up fees or credit cards required) and answer any questions you have about faith-based text messaging in order to help you reach your members more effectively than with any other channel of communication.

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