One-to-One Text Messaging

Use Chat to Connect with Your Customers

EZ Texting's Chat enables 1:1 customer communications by making your existing phone number text-enabled or providing you with your own 10-digit Textable Number.

Your Customers Want to Text You

Industry research shows that 89% of customers prefer messaging to communicate with businesses. An additional 81% of consumers get frustrated with phone-based customer service while over half of customers prefer text-based customer service over being forced to call in for help. One survey found that 77% of consumers have a more positive impression of companies that text. Basically, this is a must-have for your business. 

EZ Texting enables you to message all of your contacts, and now our chat feature makes it simple for your customers to message you with questions, to troubleshoot issues, inquire about products or services, set up appointments, or even place orders.

Learn more by calling us at (877) 976-3669.

How Chat Can Help You Grow Your Business:

  • Bring In More New Business
  • Improve Customer Service 
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency 
  • Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Organize Your Customer Communications 

Why Use EZ Texting for Direct Messaging with Customers? 

EZ Texting has direct relationships with mobile carriers as well as the right resources, industry experience, a dedicated team of text experts, and proven market leadership to provide secure and reliable delivery.

Access Your Messages Anywhere

Our cloud-based platform allows you to send and receive messages at any time, from any device. That means that you can answer customers' questions when you're away from the phone, and they can even text you directly from your website

Work Smarter by Staying Organized

Keep track of customer information and manage workflows in one centralized location, saving time for your and your entire team.

Benefit from Seamless Integrations

Our service integrates seamlessly with your existing telephone system and carrier and we help you complete all necessary paperwork to quickly text-enable your landline.

Be More Productive with Templates and Scheduling

Create message templates to save time and use advance scheduling to create reminders and campaigns at your convenience.

Get Up and Running Today 

Our lightweight app doesn't require an API, a web developer, and you don't even have to install anything. All messaging is in real time and new conversations are displayed just like an email inbox.

Already Have an EZ Texting Account? 

All you need to do is log in to your existing account, click on EZ Chat in the left menu, and then upgrade your account with Text-to-Landline or a Textable Number. Chat works with a standard, 10-digit phone number to allow you to use EZ Texting's platform to send one-to-one messages in real time and carry on conversations with your contacts.

Call us now at (877) 976-3669 to get a demo of EZ Texting's chat feature. Or start your free trial by clicking the button below. You can then upgrade to your account to use Chat.