EZ Chat

One-to-One Text Messaging

Chat with Your Customers

EZ Chat allows you to have personalized, one-on-one conversations with your contacts. EZ Chat uses a standard, 10-digit phone number. Whether you need to text enable your existing phone number, or purchase one, EZ Texting has you covered.


Your Customers Want to Text You

80% of customers prefer text-based customer service over being forced to call in for help.

Use EZ Chat to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Personalize communication
  • Strategically target individual contacts

How to Get a Textable Number

  1. Log into your EZ Texting account
  2. Choose the Keywords & Textable Numbers option from the left navigation menu
  3. Click on the Textable Numbers tab at the top left of the interface
  4. Select the +Add Phone Number button, the select one of the on-screen options
    Choose the phone number(s) you'd like, then click the green Activate button

Start Chatting!

To start sending messages on EZ Chat, log into your account and choose 'Chat' from the left nav menu.

This will take you to your EZ Chat dashboard. The bix box on the left side shows all of your chats. One you've selected a chat, it will show up in the box on the right side.

All chats are in real time and new chats are displayed like an email inbox.