Mobile Send From Phone

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When you need to blast a text messaging campaign and you're not at your computer, Send-From-Phone is at your rescue. Set it up in 60 seconds and when you need it, text us your keyword and your message from up to 3 admin phone numbers. We'll send the message to the Groups you selected, and it's free with any Keyword.

Follow incoming and outgoing message reports.

Mobile Web Optimized

If you've ever wanted to log in to your EZ Texting account while on the go, you know that our full app can take a while to load on a smartphone. If you login to EZ Texting using any smartphone, we'll automatically deliver a mobile-optimized version of our web app. And when you need to use the desktop version of our web app, you can switch over with a single tap.

Our mobile optimized web-app will load automatically on your smartphone.

Mobile Apps

The fastest way to manage your EZ Texting account on-the-go is with our mobile App - available for Android in the BlackBerry App World.

The fastest way to manage your Ez Texting account on the go is with our BlackBerry and Android Apps.