Signup Widgets

[ For Your Website, Blog & Facebook Page ]

Website Signup Widgets

Our dynamic and customizable signup widget can be placed on your website or sent via email (using a special, generated link) for fast and easy signup from visitors. If you have a blog, that's another great place to add the signup widget. Using Wordpress? Read about our plugin below.

Change colors, fonts, images and more to fit the widget into your web site and email blasts. Customize the response text.

Facebook Signup Widget

If you've got a Facebook Page, this widget is just for you. In a few easy steps, you can add a form to your Facebook page that allows visitors and fans to sign up for your text message marketing list. View our guide to setup the Facebook widget.

Use our Facebook signup widget to combine your social media and SMS Marketing campaigns.

Twitter Integration

Why limit text blasts to cell phones? With EZ's Twitter integration, you can also simultaneously Tweet your message to all of your followers. If you have a Keyword, you can tweet a call-to-action that encourages your followers to text your Keyword and join your text marketing list.

Tweet your texts. Tweet Your Keyword Call To Action To Grow Your Marketing List

Wordpress Plugin

Our Wordpress plugin makes it easy for your website or blog visitors to join your marketing list whenever you add a blog post. The next release of the Wordpress Widget will integrate with any EZ Texting account, automatically adding website signups to your text contact database. Click to learn more.

Get the plugin.

Use our Wordpress plugin to text notifcations to your blog's readers