How Does Our Group Text Messaging Software Work?



EZ Texting makes group SMS fast, easy, and affordable. Sign up for free to send free test text messages. Then, buy some credits or sign up for a plan, and you're ready to go!

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EZ Texting doesn't have just one way for you to build your contact list. Keep reading to learn about how your contacts can text in to our short code using Keywords.

Keywords are for organizations who would like to offer their customers or friends an easy way to join their group text messaging list.

The process is simple. People quickly and easily opt-in to your group text messaging list by texting your chosen Keyword to one of our short codes. In the image to the left, Example is the Keyword, and 313131 is the short code.

The person will then receive an automated reply message (which you can easily customize), confirming their subscription to your group messaging list. This message costs 2 credits (5 cents U.S.) (7 cents in Canada).

With a keyword, you can also take advantage of our Send-From-Phone feature. From your personal phone, simply send [keyword + your message] to your assigned short code, and all subscribers on that list will receive your text message instantly!