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Let your customers start texting you. Get set up in hours on EZ Texting’s powerful collaborative team texting platform with no hidden fees, industry-leading delivery rates, and cutting-edge SMS features.

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See What You Can Do With Team Inbox

Team Inbox is a feature-rich solution to assign and collaborate on 1:1 messages, enabling faster problem resolution through streamlined teamwork.

Drive Sales Acquisition

Harness a 98% open rate to collaboratively handle lead generation and customer inquiries through the highly efficient SMS platform. Eliminate the need to rely on phone calls or voicemails, saving your team valuable time while ensuring every opportunity is addressed with precision and a coordinated approach.

Improve Customer Support

Efficiently handle customer inquiries as a team, allowing you to manage a larger volume of conversations without sacrificing quality.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Empower your audience (customers) and teams to reach you over their preferred medium and via their most trusted mobile device. All while allowing your team to stop handling one phone call at a time. Enabling them to help 5x more customers at the same time.

Curiosity-to-Purchase Synthesis

Close customer purchases and correspond meaningfully, directly, and quickly with customer support.

Effortless Collaboration:
Team Inbox Demo

Explore the power of Team Inbox, the ultimate multi-seat inbox for SMS marketing. Witness how it streamlines communication, empowers collaboration, and revolutionizes how your team manages SMS campaigns. Elevate your marketing efforts with Team Inbox today!

How To Use Team Inbox

AI Compose

Access Your Team Inbox

Log in to your EZ Texting account marketing to access the Team Inbox feature.

Assign Team Members

Assign team members an operating role and do everything from managing inquiries and responding to customer messages to coordinating marketing campaigns. AI Compose can help you generate messages that guide new and returning customers through your product or service features and provide post-purchase support.

Monitor & Respond

Regularly monitor incoming messages, inquiries, and notifications in Team Inbox. Respond to incoming messages using AI Reply.

Collaborate & Streamline

Encourage collaboration among team members within the Team Inbox. Team Inbox & AI Reply streamline your communication, allowing for coordinated responses and more effective management of your SMS marketing campaigns.
AI Compose
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Next-Generation Two-Way SMS

Use the power of generative AI to 5x your team’s capacity with AI Reply, included with Team Inbox. AI Reply empowers you to engage contact inquiries with increased speed, specificity, and personalization.

Enhance Precision & Accuracy

Deliver accurate, reliable information to customers with intelligent suggestions AI Reply pulls from your knowledge base and website.

Strengthen Brand Identity

Leverage AI-generated responses to align with your company’s distinct tone and communication style.

Optimize Operational Productivity

Boost your team’s efficiency fivefold, scale effectively with less staff, and maintain high customer satisfaction as your business grows.

AI Reply: Fast & Personalized Text Marketing Engagement

Harness the future of SMS communication with AI Reply. Watch to learn how AI Reply works with Team Inbox and how AI-powered responses can transform your customer interactions, streamline your messaging, and drive engagement.

How To Use AI Reply

AI Compose

Custom Knowledge

Agents can easily select relevant information from your knowledge base to answer your questions effectively.

Contextual Conversations

AI Reply remembers the context of ongoing chats, ensuring it provides relevant and helpful responses based on previous interactions.

Personalized Recommendations

AI Reply suggests products or services based on audience preferences and past interactions, ensuring they get the most relevant offers or notifications.
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EZ Texting Pricing

Flexible plans with industry-leading deliverability and no hidden fees.
Annual Plans
Monthly Plans


Local EZ Textable Number  
Recommended for up to
500 contacts

Starting at

$25/ Month


Recommended for up to
500 contacts

Starting at

$20/ Month

Billed Annually

Max Speed: up to 500/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.027 $0.030
Delivery Rate: 95%
Includes 500 free msg/mo or 6k annually
Set-up time: Within 1-2 business days  


Local EZ High-Volume,
High-Speed Number  
Recommended for
2,000-50,000 contacts

Starting at

$125/ Month


Recommended for
2,000-50,000 contacts

Starting at

$100/ Month

Billed Annually

Max Speed: up to 50,000/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.018 $0.020
Delivery Rate: 95%
Includes 500 free msg/mo or 6k annually
Set-up time: Within 1-2 business days  


Dedicated Short Code  
Recommended for
50,000+ contacts

Starting at

$3000/ Month

Recommended for
50,000+ contacts

Starting at

$3000/ Month

Max Speed: up to 1 MM/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.010 $0.010
Delivery Rate: 99%
Includes 200k msg/mo
Set-up time: 4 to 12 weeks

Included in All Plans


Incoming Messages,
Contacts, Keywords
& Two-Way Texting

New Features

Realize ROI faster with AI
Compose & Team Inbox
with AI Reply

Growth Tools

Easily Grow Your List
With QR codes, Keywords
& Signup Forms

MMS Edge

Millions of Images &
Image Editing Tool
Powered by Shutterstock


Upload, Management,
Groups &
Sales tax may be applied where applicable
Promotional Pricing Until December 5, 2022
* Requires volume commitment; additional messages above commitment charged at $0.04/message
** Carrier pass through fees are billed separately based on exact usage
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