Mass MMS

Mass MMS is an easy concept to explain. It involves sending a text message in the form of a picture, video or audio file to multiple recipients at the same time. Originally an extension of people taking photographs with their mobile phones and then sharing them with their contacts, mass MMS has developed into an important marketing tool due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness.

This article explains how mass MMS works, how it can be used by businesses to create brand awareness, encourage engagement and increase sales, and the advantages mass MMS marketing has over other forms of direct marketing. If, after reading this article, you feel this important marketing tool could be of benefit to your business, contact us and ask about our competitive pricing plans.

Getting Started with Mass MMS Marketing

Before you start sending multimedia marketing messages to your customers, there are two things you need - a database of “opted-in” customers and access to a mass texting platform. The database of “opted-in” customers is a necessity because mass MMS marketing is a permission-based activity. This means you have to get your customers´ permission before sending them MMS marketing messages.

The simplest method for getting your customers´ permission is to ask them to send a text containing a keyword to a dedicated number. The keyword and the dedicated number are supplied by the provider of the mass texting platform and, when a customer sends the text, they are opted-in to receive your marketing messages. Their details are also added to your database on the mass texting platform.

There are various ways to encourage customers to opt into a mass MMS marketing service. Businesses in the retail industry typically offer an incentive such as a discount. Bar owners may offer a free drink during Happy Hour, while real estate agents often advertise a property for sale and then ask home seekers to text a keyword to them in order to receive more information on that property.

Running Your First Mass MMS Marketing Campaign

Once you have developed a database of customers, it is time to use the mass texting platform. The platform is the tool that enables you to contact groups of your customers simultaneously. It is a web-based platform, so you can log into it from any Internet-enabled device without having to download software.

In order to send your first mass MMS marketing message, you log into the platform with the login credentials supplied to you by the provider of the mass texting platform. You select which customers or groups of customers you want to send your message to, specify the MMS message type, and upload the marketing material you want to send. You then have the choice of sending the message immediately or scheduling it for a time when it will attract maximum attention.

Once your first marketing message has been sent, you can view delivery rates and open rates via the text messaging platform. The platform also receives replies to your message - if, for example you are running a contest or have included a poll with your marketing material - and records spikes in engagement and other analytics you can use to fine-tune future mass MMS marketing campaigns. You can also use this data to create campaign-specific sign-up widgets for a website or social media channel.

Other Functions of the Mass Texting Platform

In addition to sending multimedia marketing material to your customers, a mass texting platform can be used to distribute discount vouchers, send QR codes, and send plain text messages in non-standard “Unicode” text. As mentioned above, it is possible to run contests or ask your customers to participate in polls - each activity having the objective of creating brand awareness, encouraging engagement and increasing sales.

It was also mentioned above that you can select specific groups of customers to send marketing messages to. This is a useful feature if you have a promotion that would appeal to one segment of your customer database, but not to others. It also cuts down on your marketing costs and prevents the scenario in which customers opt out of your mass MMS marketing service because they are receiving too many messages that are not relevant to their specific interests.

Placing your customers into groups can be done manually, or you can use a selection of keywords to attract customers to your mass MMS marketing service and let the platform place customers in the appropriate group by keyword. The larger your database grows, the more important the grouping facility becomes. It will help with database management, give you a better indication of where your customers are coming from, and inform you which campaigns are most effective.

The Direct Marketing Advantages of Mass MMS

The biggest advantage mass MMS has over other forms of direct marketing is its opt-in requirement. When customers text a keyword to your dedicated number and opt into your mass MMS marketing service, they are in essence telling you that they want to hear what you have to say. This implies they are willing to read your marketing messages, participate in contests and polls, and take advantage of any promotions you are hosting.

Being able to communicate directly with your customers via their mobile phones is also a significant direct marketing advantage. Mobile communication is considered to be the most intimate and immediate channel of communication as people tend to have their mobile phones with them at all times. By being able to reach your customers wherever they are, whatever they are doing, mass MMS marketing is a far better (and cheaper) direct marketing vehicle than radio, TV or billboard advertising.

Mass MMS marketing enjoys an engagement rate 6-8 times higher than email marketing; 15% more customers click on a link in an MMS marketing message than click on a link in an SMS marketing message; and eight times as many customers will share your marketing messages with friends and family across social media channels. Consequently, when you promote your goods and services with mass MMS, your customers can help multiply the return on your marketing investment many times over.

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