Mass Texting App - What it is and How it Can Help You

Mass Texting App

A mass texting app is a browser-based software application used to send SMS text messages to large groups of people simultaneously. It is used as an efficient marketing tool, providing an effective way of being heard above other forms of direct marketing – considering individuals are more connected to their phones today than ever before. 

Mass texting works great when you have something to say and want to be easily heard, allowing you to extend your outreach, while saving time in the process. 

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Organizations That Benefit from Texting Programs

  • Retail: Send updates on sales, coupons, events or latest news
  • Real Estate: Capture leads and improve your sales follow up process
  • Restaurants: Send information on menu changes, hours, special performances or deals and discounts
  • Faith-Based Organizations: Easily connect with congregations
  • Political Parties: Send texts to supporters to rally and encourage them to vote on Election Day 
  • Schools: Employers and athletic programs can quickly, easily and inexpensively communicate with large groups of people simultaneously 

Why is mass texting so effective for these types of businesses? Reach, simplicity, intimacy and cost are four of the most appealing benefits. Despite smartphone ownership almost doubling in the past five years, thereare still many more people who rely on their older-model cellphones to communicate. SMS text messaging reaches 98% of the population compared to smartphone apps that reach far less. 

Benefits of Mass Text Messaging for Business

Businesses find great success with mass text messaging for a multitude of reasons. It has been reported that brands using this tactic for business to complement other forms of marketing reach 95% of their target audience –five times better than online advertising or inbound marketing. This is largely attributed to the fact that users are more indebted to their phones than ever before. In fact, most users will reach for their phones as soon as they hear the ringtone for an incoming message – positioning mass messaging as a high ROI marketing solution. 

Other benefits of the service include:

  • Instant deliverability 
  • High conversion rates
  • Reliable 
  • Short messages encourages you to be clear and concise
  • Limitless market potential 

Additional Features and Uses of a Mass Texting App

Additional Features

One of the most useful features of a mass texting app is the ability to sort your contact list into groups. This gives you the option of sending text messages to only those contacts within your list for whom the message is relevant. It saves you money on uninterested users, and also prevents contacts from opting out of your text service because they are receiving too many messages.

Additional features include: the ability to store previously sent messages as templates for future use, personalization that includes the recipients’ name, adding audio, video or image multimedia files using an MMS message, and attaching digital coupons or QR codes to generate engagement. 

Additional Uses

Mass texting achieve a lot more than simply getting your message noticed ahead of other direct marketing activities. It can also be used as a tool to encourage feedback, generate engagement and develop long-standing relationships. The best way to achieve these benefits is through the use of SMS polls.

Polls are easy to compile using your texting application and will provide your customers an outlet to express their opinions. Simply write a question in the body of your text message and ask your contacts to reply using a keyword that represents their opinion.

For example, “What flavor ice cream do you prefer? 1=chocolate, 2=vanilla, 3=strawberry”. Polls stimulate conversations, have the ability to encourage more people to sign up for your list, and provide you valuable information to better improve your product or service. 

Tools for Creating a Mass Texting Contact List

Mass texting is a permission-based activity. This mean that you cannot purchase a list of cellphone numbers and upload it to your messaging providers’ platform for subsequent outreach. Instead, you’ll need to invite people to opt into your service. The most effective way to achieve this is through keywords and short codes.

A keyword is a word chosen by your business that you’ll ask prospective contacts to text to a short code number – for example, text “join” to 313131. Once they have opted in to your text messaging service, the contact’s details are automatically added to your list and stored for future campaigns. You can obtain a keyword and short code through your service provider. They are usually rented by the month or included in a subscription package. 

Efficient ways to build your list include: adding widgets to your website or social media accounts, promoting a flyer in-store, adding the keyword and short code on your business card or receipt, sending an email, making an announcement through radio or TV, or traditional advertising tactics. 

Free Advice on Mass Texting Apps

If you would like further information about how a mass texting app works, how your business could benefit, or how you can build your contact list, free advice is available from our team of Client Success Managers. Give us a call at (800) 753-5372 or contact us online.

Rules and Regulations: Most of the rules and regulations affecting mass text messaging are contained within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991. In addition, the Mobile Marketing Association has also published a “Code of Conduct” to protect consumer privacy standards. One final set of rules and regulations affecting mass text messaging are the guidelines issued by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), which stipulates what material carriers consider inappropriate.