Message and Campaign Tagging

Use Tags to Label your Messages and Campaigns

What are Tags?

Think of tags as customized labels that you can attach to messages and campaigns. When you attach a tag, you're labeling that message or campaign accordingly. Tags are used "behind the scenes" within your EZ Texting account -- they are not visible to your message recipients.

For example, you could attach a "promotion" tag to all promotional messages and campaigns. Or you could assign a "reminder" tag to all messages and campaigns that contain reminders. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you.

Create and edit your tags on the Tags page, found under the Tools menu. If you'd like, attach an optional note to each tag. Then, when you create a new message or campaign, attach the tag(s) that pertain to that message or campaign.

How are Tags Used?

Tags are valuable for categorizing and reporting on your campaigns. If you assign a tag to messages and campaigns of a certain type, you can easily identify all messages and campaigns of that type. Tags are integrated with EZ Texting's reporting, so you can filter data and run reports based on tags.