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An MMS gateway provider is an operator providing a service through which businesses can bulk send multimedia messages to their customers simultaneously. Most often used as an inexpensive way to run effective advertising campaigns, MMS marketing has grown in popularity in recent years as the percentage of people owning MMS-enabled mobile devices (smartphones) has increased.

The growth of MMS marketing has resulted in more operators offering MMS gateway services. However, services can fluctuate in price, in ease of use, and in terms of how much data each MMS gateway provider allows businesses to send in a multimedia marketing message. This last factor can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of an MMS marketing campaign.

How Bulk MMS Marketing Works

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In order to appreciate the significance of a data limit imposed by an MMS gateway provider, it is necessary to understand how bulk MMS marketing works. The first thing to be aware of is that bulk MMS marketing is a permission-based activity. This means that customers have to opt into a business´s multimedia messaging service in order to receive marketing messages – the same as with traditional SMS text messaging. The process of how best to obtain customers´ permission is explained later in this article.

Once a business has developed a database of “opted-in” customers, the authorized representative of the business logs into the MMS gateway provider´s messaging platform. He or she uploads the group(s) of customers for whom the message is intended, selects the type of multimedia file they want to send, and uploads the image, video or audio file from their library. They then have the choice of sending the message immediately, or scheduling it for a time when it will attract maximum interest.

The size of the data limit will determine the maximum quality of an image file sent in the MMS marketing message, or the length of a video or audio file. Considering that a social media post with a photo attachment consumes 500Kb of data, any MMS gateway provider offering a lower data limit will not be providing businesses with the opportunity to optimize the effectiveness of their multimedia messaging service and maximize their return on investment.

Obtaining Customers´ Permission the Easy Way

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A further consideration when selecting an MMS gateway provider is the assistance they provide in obtaining customers´ permission to send them bulk MMS marketing messages. The easiest way to encourage customers to opt into a multimedia messaging service is to attract their attention with a promotion that requires them to text a keyword to short code number (for example, `text “discount” to 31313´). When the customer texts the keyword, they are then invited to opt into the MMS service.

Any good MMS gateway provider should automatically add each customer to the business´s database according to the keyword used. This is the simplest way to divide a customer database into groups so that each group only receives bulk MMS marketing messages that are relevant to their interests. The automatic sorting of customers as they opt-in reduces the chance that they will opt out due to receiving too many irrelevant marketing messages. It also reduces a business´s marketing costs.

Once sorted into groups, businesses can use analytics provided by the messaging platform to create targeted marketing campaigns. The messaging platform can also distribute coupons by group or universally, conduct polls and surveys, and forward incoming messages to the authorized representative´s mobile phone - although, if the MMS gateway provider is offering the use of a web-based platform, it should be possible for businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their MMS marketing campaigns from any Internet-enabled location.

Selecting an MMS Gateway Provider

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The best way to select an MMS gateway provider is to take advantage of introductory plans that do not require a commitment or long-term contract. In this way, businesses have the opportunity to evaluate whether bulk MMS marketing in an appropriate tool for their marketing strategies and can be used either to attract new customers, to increase existing customer spend, to obtain feedback from existing customers, or to manage a VIP loyalty program.

It also gives businesses the opportunity to evaluate the MMS gateway provider and obtain answers to questions such as how easy is the messaging platform to use and what level of customer and technical support is provided? Some businesses may want to see how easy it is to integrate their multimedia messaging service with other marketing or management tools, whereas others may want to integrate the entire messaging platform into their own software.

The MMS gateway provider should also be able to alert you to the rules and regulations for bulk MMS marketing. Rules against spamming and customer privacy standards are contained within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 1991 (TCPA) and the Mobile Marketing Association´s Code of Conduct, while the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) stipulates what constitutes prohibited content within bulk MMS marketing messages.

Try "Pay & Go" Bulk MMS Marketing from EZ Texting

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If you wish to take advantage of an introductory plan to evaluate the benefits of bulk MMS marketing, the best place to start is with our “Pay & Go” plan - a plan that lets businesses test out our messaging platform and our service as an MMS gateway provider. There is no commitment required nor contracts to sign. You simply pay for the marketing messages you send and top up your account when you want to send more.

“Pay & Go” from EZ Texting is a fantastic introduction to bulk MMS marketing. In addition to offering an easy-to-use and cost effective service, you can send images up to 5Mb in size, personalize your marketing messages with each customer´s name, and use the scheduling feature to prepare recurring or drip-fed marketing campaigns in advance. Further benefits of our “Pay & Go” plan include:

  • A free demo keyword to start developing your customer database.
  • Free click-to-join widgets to place on your website or social media channels.
  • Access to our web-based, feature rich messaging platform.
  • A full reporting suite to help optimize the effectiveness of your service.
  • Easy integration with apps such as MailChimp, EventBrite and Salesforce.
  • Use of our API to build EZ Texting´s massaging platform into existing systems.
  • Full customer and technical support.

To find out more about our “Pay & Go” plan, or to sign up for a free account, contact us today. Our team of Client Success Managers will be glad to answer any questions you may have about bulk MMS marketing and can offer suggestions on how you can use our messaging platform to maximize your return on investment. We believe EZ Texting is the benchmark MMS gateway provider against which all others should be compared. We hope that, after using our “Pay & Go” plan, you will feel the same way too.