Communicating with Employees Using SMS

For many organizations, communicating with employees by SMS may seem an alien concept. Most organizations rely on the telephone or email to relay important messages, while meetings remain a popular means of communication for others. However, there are many scenarios in which group texting employees can be a far more effective channel of communication.

One of the reasons that group texting employees can be more effective is because of group texting’s reach. Practically every employee has a mobile device, and those that do not have an Internet-enabled smartphone usually have a cellphone capable of receiving SMS text messages. This means most employers can reach their entire workforce with just the click of a button.

Quick, Easy to Use and Trackable

Communicating with employees using SMS is particularly effective when employers want to contact groups of their workforce - or all of their workforce - simultaneously. The process for group texting employees involves logging into an SMS texting platform, uploading a list of recipients, writing a message, and clicking send. Within minutes the selected employees will be receiving the message wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

SMS text messages tend to be opened much quicker than other electronic forms of communication because people hear the buzz of an incoming message and reach for their mobile devices to find out who is trying to contact them. SMS text messages can be sent to groups of employees in areas with no Internet service and at times when data networks are overloaded - making them an ideal channel of communication to send alerts during an emergency.

The platform for group texting employees also reports on such analytics as open rates so that employers can see who has opened and read their message. In the event of an emergency, these reports can be a way of ensuring that all employees are safe. In the event of an office closure for (say) a burst water pipe, communicating with employees using SMS is a far more effective way of informing employees of the closure, as most will read an SMS text message before looking at their emails or listening to a voicemail.

Other Reasons for Group Texting Employees

Group texting employees saves time and money when making company announcements. Communicating with employees using SMS is more cost-efficient than gathering the workforce together for an announcement, distracting them from their jobs and halting production. Announcing a new initiative or social event is often best done via a short, concise text, with a link included in the text directing employees to a relevant page on the company´s website with more information.

Because the SMS texting platform allows employees to be sorted into groups, messages can be sent to groups of remote workers and community workers who may not have access to the Internet, or to employees within specific departments. The same service can be used to advise prospective job seekers of new vacancies within the company, to inform existing employees of career opportunities, and to announce new appointments (making it easier to remember new colleagues´ names).

Employers also have the opportunity to develop good relationships with their employees by sharing motivational messages via SMS. To enhance the messages, rather than communicating with employees using SMS in plain text, employers can attach multimedia (MMS) files. The addition of images, audio and video can make a big difference in how group texting employees is received by the workforce - especially if it helps put a smile on their faces each morning.

Try Communicating with Employees Using SMS for Free

Regardless of whether you are a small family-run business or a large multinational corporation, it is likely that you will find multiple reasons for group texting employees - possibly some we have not discovered yet. Undoubtedly communicating with employees using SMS is an inexpensive and effective way of getting your message heard by groups of employees, but you do not have to take our word for it - try it for free.

We offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to try communicating with employees using SMS for free. For full details of our offer, or to find out more about group texting employees, contact our team of Client Success Managers today. Within minutes you could be reaching your entire workforce, and communicating with employees using SMS, with just the click of a button.

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