How Developers Excel with an SMS API

When most developers think of mobile marketing, they often jump to mobile apps and mobile web advertising. But with text message marketing growing by more than 100% each year, mobile developers cannot overlook the exploding trend of SMS marketing. And any developer knows that in order to integrate an existing platform, be it a new media technology or a traditional industry standard, having a solid API is important. That’s why EzTexting’s SMS API is leading the industry as a fully customizable integration solution.

SMS APIs are Helping Developers Excel

As a pioneer in the SMS marketing arena, with elite SMS tools for Android and iPhone, EZ Texting’s bulk SMS API has become a critical component of mobile marketing campaigns across a variety of industries. The team at EZ Texting understands that some developers are not solely focused on building apps, and that many work in more traditional verticals. An SMS API has proven effective in a range of tasks for more traditional industries, from effectively engaging customers about new offers, past due bills, and customer service surveys to improving employee management and communication. And EZ Texting’s bulk SMS API allows for not only a variety of customized engagement opportunities, it offers intricate tracking data for full campaign analysis. For developers who are indeed focused on mobile apps, SMS marketing can augment current applications with improved communication abilities and creative techniques that offer added value to user experience. 

EZ Texting’s SMS API integrates with multiple CRM platforms, branded mobile apps, and a plethora of web applications and backend solutions. This gives our SMS API developers the ability to create a truly unique SMS marketing platform specific to their needs and industry.

Integrating APIs for Marketing Efficiency


SMS marketing has become increasingly more appealing as a way of both retaining current customers and enticing new ones. EZ Texting understands the need of larger companies with custom backend customer engagement platforms, and how a sufficient SMS API should be utilized to make the entire engagement process more efficient and effective. Plus, this integration process must be streamlined and straightforward. That’s why EZ Texting’s bulk SMS API was developed with ease of use in mind and offers outstanding customer service to help our clients’ developers through the process. Whether you’re employing a traditional CRM solution, a custom mobile app, or a proprietary backend web database, EZ Texting’s pliable SMS API offers a full suite of text marketing abilities to fit your specific needs.

A Few Effective Uses of the SMS API


Automated Offers & Products Announcements

Configure the SMS API to intelligently recognize when a special offer or new product has been placed on the web site, and then to initiate a text marketing campaign to publicize the announcement. All opted-in SMS recipients can receive the message at once, and have clear call-to-action channels to take advantage of the special offer or purchase the product.

Customer Survey Questions

Create a “smart” survey, which allows for unique survey questions delivered to each customer, based on each of their particular demographic and interests. Understand your market better and retain customers longer by implementing an ultra targeted approach to customer satisfaction management.

Automatic Billing Notifications

Integrate your backend platform with the SMS API to send automated texts to anyone on particular bill dates, upon past due balances registered, or within any other set of parameters. Improve efficiency in collections while saving time. Plus, provide clear pay-by-phone instructions for customers to settle invoices quickly and efficiently right through their mobile device.

Technical Advantages of REST over HTTP APIs


EZ Texting offers two mobile marketing APIs: a REST API and a legacy HTTP API. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is an application protocol. REST (or Representational State Transfer) is a suite of rules that when obeyed permit the mobile developer to develop a distributed application with a particular set of customized restrictions. REST utilizes the four HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE to perform various operations. REST was originally defined in the pretext of HTTP, but is not restricted to HTTP protocol. 

REST has often been used as an alternative to SOAP based web services, which aims to shape the connection between end user and server as calls to objects. REST, on the other hand, remains faithful to the original url. For more technical information on EZ Texting’s API platforms, please visit our Mobile Developers section.