Mobile Marketing Campaigns with SMS

Creating and executing mobile marketing campaigns with SMS in order to convert contacts who have opted into your group messaging service should be easy. After all, the contacts are already aware of your brand, they have voluntarily opted into your service, and now they are waiting to hear from you.

However, it is the easiest thing in the world to take short-cuts when creating SMS marketing campaigns with SMS. You know that your contacts will pick up their cellphones as soon as they hear the buzz of an incoming message. You know that they will likely read your message within 90 seconds, and you know that enough contacts will likely act on your message to make sending it worthwhile.

The problem with taking short-cuts is that they will ultimately cause your marketing efforts to fail. You may get a reasonable response when you first start creating mobile marketing campaigns with SMS but, if you continue taking short cuts and offer your contacts nothing of value, they will opt out of your group messaging service, the level of response will fall and it will not be viable to maintain the service.

In order to avoid the scenario in which all the hard work you have put into attracting contacts is wasted, it is in your best interests to put as much effort into SMS marketing campaigns as you would if using any other media. In fact, due to the high ROI you can achieve with SMS group messaging, you should probably put more effort into creating and executing mobile marketing campaigns with SMS.

Creating and Executing Mobile Marketing Campaigns with SMS

When it comes to creating mobile marketing campaigns with SMS you have to plan ahead. As well as thinking about what should be in your marketing message, you need to ensure that those who will be attending to your contacts as they become customers are aware of the marketing campaign, and that you have enough of the promoted product - or capacity for a promoted service - to satisfy demand.

In order for your campaign to be effective, it has to follow the three golden rules of SMS mobile marketing - Content, Connect and Comply.

Content is King

Although your SMS marketing text does not have to have a snappy title in order for contacts to read it, you have to convey your message clearly and concisely in 160 characters or less. Ideally, familiarize yourself with the KISS principle, avoid multiple calls to action, and remember that you are speaking with a person who has allowed you to enter their life through the intimacy of their cellphone.

Connect and Engage

It is not enough to tell your contacts about a marketing promotion, you have to connect with them and engage them in conversation. Depending on the nature of your business, the different ways in which you can connect and engage vary. However, by building a relationship with a contact, that contact is more likely to become a customer, and then a repeat customer.

Comply with the Rules

Mobile marketing campaigns with SMS are subject to several sets of rules. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act stipulates the rules for opt-ins, opt-outs and message frequency, but you should also be familiar with the guidelines issued by the Cellular Telephone Industries Association which governs the nature of content that can be contained in SMS marketing messages.

Once these conditions are met, the physical act of executing mobile marketing campaigns with SMS is very straightforward. You simply log into the group messaging platform, upload your list of opted-in contacts, compose your message and click send. Within minutes your contacts will be receiving your SMS marketing message wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Further Information about SMS Marketing Campaigns

There are many different ways in which you can enhance the impact of your SMS marketing messages. On-demand coupons tend to generate high redemption rates, polls and surveys often attract high levels of engagement, while MMS marketing is an inexpensive way to become more creative in your marketing with the addition of audio, image and video multimedia (MMS) files.

The time of day at which you send SMS marketing messages can also influence the success of mobile marketing campaigns with SMS. By using the analytics and reports generated by the group messaging platform, you can identify spikes in engagement with previous SMS marketing messages and schedule future mobile marketing campaigns to be sent at a time when they will receive the most attention.

If you are new to SMS marketing, or feel you may need a little help creating and executing your initial mobile marketing campaigns with SMS, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of Client Success Managers. Our team has more than a decade of experience helping businesses, organizations and individuals run SMS marketing campaigns, and they will be delighted to discuss your specific marketing needs with you in order to provide the best possible advice.