Private Label Texting for Your Corporate Account

If you need to provide an out-of-the-box texting solution for multiple administrators. EZ Texting has you covered.

How Does a Private Label Work?

Your company gets an out-of-the box texting platform with all the features and solutions of EZ Texting, but branded however you want. EZ Texting will style the platform to have your brand’s color scheme and logo, allowing you to manage its rollout across multiple locations or agents.

The EZ Texting Advantage

Lowest Price Per Text


Best Customer Service

Is a Corporate Private Label Right for You?

Companies who have multiple locations and/or multiple logins
Companies that want control to view and limit what is being sent by agents

Many of our most successful corporate resellers include franchises and real-estate companies

What are the Benefits for Private Label Corporate Account with EZ Texting?

comission icon
accounts icon
Use of shared short code
control icon
Control over what is being sent
visibility icon
Visibility into accounts
pricing icon
Additional platform customization
partnership icon
Partnership team and direct POCs

Feature Set:

login icon
Login page
database icon
Contact and database management
registration icon
Registration page for new clients
API icon
End user API access
password icon
Forgot password link
admin icon
Admin portal back end
group icon
reporting icon
keyword icon
customer-management icon
Customer management and commission tracking

Today’s best corporations and marketers understand the power of text messaging. That’s why private label solutions make sense both for reselling and for coordinating large groups of users!

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