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Refer your customers to EZ Texting and earn up to 20% commission for each referral.

EZ Texting's Referral Program is for marketers, consultants, and businesses, who can generate a revenue stream by referring their customers/audiences to EZ Texting.

Why Join the EZ Texting Referral Program?



Earn up to 20% commission for each referral that signs up as an EZ Texting customer.


Co-Marketing Opportunities

Referral partners will have the opportunity to work with EZ Texting on co-branded marketing initiatives on a case-by-case basis.


Dedicated Onboarding & Support

Referral partners will have access to our experienced partnership managers who will provide support, guidance, and insights to help you drive more revenue for your referral program.


Partner Enablement

EZ Texting will provide all partners with an onboarding kit, marketing assets, and resources to use on your website and other marketing channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

EZ Texting is the #1 mobile marketing platform for businesses. The platform empowers businesses to conduct scheduling, send real-time alerts, promote events, execute marketing campaigns, and provide customer service, ultimately driving higher revenue and adoption for millions of products and services.

Consumers today are inundated with messages, in order to build a personal connection you need to meet your audience where they are. Text marketing is the channel with the highest measurable engagement rate at 98%, making it the perfect complement to email marketing and other marketing channels.

You are not required to be an EZ Texting customer in order to be a part of the EZ Texting Referral Program. If you would like to try EZ Texting you can sign up for our free trial, no credit card required!

Nothing! The EZ Texting Referral Program is completely free of charge. You will earn money for every referral who signs up for EZ Texting as a paid customer.

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