Our SMS Marketing Reseller Programs

In the same way that EZ Texting´s bulk texting platform is versatile and effective, our SMS reseller program offers a choice of two different options. We have designed each of our SMS marketing reseller programs with different budgets, levels of involvement, and client acquisition models in mind to suit your business and its needs.

Irrespective of the SMS reseller program you choose - or whether you choose to use our API and integrate our mobile marketing platform with your own website or application - you can be sure your clients will not be disappointed. EZ Texting´s browser-based text messaging software leads the industry in ease-of-use, features, and cost-per-message.

Each of our SMS marketing reseller programs is backed up by technical and customer support teams with more than a decade of experience. If you have any doubt about which of the programs is most suitable for your business and its needs, you can rely on our expertise to guide you through the decision making process.

EZ Texting´s “Traditional” SMS Marketing Reseller Program

EZ Texting´s traditional SMS marketing reseller program requires a little more effort on your part, but the rewards can be far more lucrative. To take advantage of this program, you simply set up a single account for your clients, provide them with your username and password to access EZ Texting´s SMS marketing platform, and charge your clients directly for the text messages they send.

If you are an MSP, one way of operating an SMS marketing reseller program is to take advantage of our high volume plans to achieve the maximum discount. You then charge your clients the standard EZ Texting rate. In this way, your clients will be unable to find cheaper options, plus they will be dealing with a service provider with whom they have an existing business arrangement.

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EZ Texting´s “White Label” Mobile Marketing Reseller Program

EZ Texting´s white label mobile marketing reseller program is an ideal option for businesses with the resources available to convert an opportunity into a successful enterprise. When you resell our white label mobile marketing platform, we replace the EZ Texting branding with your logos and banners. Your clients will never know they are using EZ Texting´s industry-leading platform.

The benefits of our white label mobile marketing reseller program are that you have complete control of the branding, and how your product is used and marketed. You can integrate the platform into an existing application or software, or provide a service using the platform exactly as it is. You can set your own pricing and earn the difference between what you charge your clients and what we charge you.

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Which SMS Reseller Program is Right for You? Ask Us.

Naturally, the potential returns of an SMS reseller program increase the more effort you dedicate to it, but if you are somewhere in between taking the easiest possible option and building an SMS marketing empire, you may need a little help deciding which the right SMS reseller program is for you. Fortunately we have all the advice at hand you will need.

As mentioned above, our technical and customer support teams have more than a decade of experience helping businesses just like yours take their first steps as text message marketing resellers. If you have any questions about which mobile marketing reseller program would best suit your capabilities, do not hesitate to contact our team of Client Success Managers.